Lose Weight While Playing Games

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69% of Americans have their own game console units, and 33% of all the Americans are obese. These figures only show that game consoles is a great contributor to the obesity of many people. If you are playing a game, and stick with it for months, you will miss chances of working out and burning fats. Some gamers are even skipping meals and eat junk foods while playing. These are some of the reasons why game consoles are considered as the most common causes of obesity.

Nintendo is one of the top competitors in game console industry. Their latest product is the Nintendo Wii that features motion sensors. This will allow the console to accurately track the movements of the players and convert it to the in-game characterís movements. This feature does not only improve the way we play games, but also help us burn fat and lose weight while playing.

This innovation from Nintendo forced its competitors to release their own motion sensing game consoles. Move for Playstation and Kinect for Xbox 360. This intensifying competition in motion sensing game helps a lot of players to stay healthy and prevent being couch potatoes by participating in the game physically.

To further improve the way we play games, these game console manufacturers even installed built-in cameras that will help the console to track the gestures of the players more accurately.

There are already a lot of games released for these consoles to promote good health and physical fitness. Some of these games include sports like bowling, tennis, and even soccer. If you are a parent and wanted to keep your children physically and mentally healthy, why donít you try to buy one of these consoles for them? This is also a good way to spend Christmas with your family and friends.

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