Looking For A Treatment To Clear Your Cystic Acne? Here Are The 3 Best Cystic Acne Treatments

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There are many cystic acne treatments out there but not all of them work. Some of the best cystic acne treatments out there are herbal treatments, accutane, and laser removal. Bad cystic acne has to be treated carefully or it could end up worst. Here is information on all three of these treatments.

Herbal Treatment- For many people out there is some hesitation about going to the dermatologist for medication. Because of that they use other remedies and medications. One of the positives of using herbal cystic acne treatments is that even if you cannot notice any positive effects on your skin there will be small negative side effects like redness. Homemade creams and balms can be helpful because they get rid of excess oils and kills bacteria on the surface area of your skin. Some herbs like tea leaves, calendula, and dried green tea leaves can help treat your acne. When these herbs are mixed together with other medicines they help the skin maintain the right amount of moisture and oil which will sooth your skin. A main herb that can help in cystic acne treatments is aloe vera. Dermatologist and skin experts recommend that you use gels that have aloe vera as a main ingredient. What this herb does is once your pores are cleaned they help protect them from more dirt and bacteria. There are many over-the-counter products that can help you with your herbal cystic acne treatment.

Accutane- Before taking any strong medications like accutane you should talk to a dermatologist about it. It is a great chemical for clearing up your skin condition. It comes from vitamin A which is taken orally for 15-20 weeks. The reason accutane is so popularly used is because it dramatically reduces the size of skin oil gland and the amount of oil the skin produces, reduces acne bacteria, stops pores from clogging, and can help stop inflammation. Be careful not to over use it though because it can result in your whole skin drying up and pieces of if chipping off. This is not one of the safest cystic acne treatments because it has some very painful side effects such as pain in the muscles.

Laser Treatment- The last of the cystic acne treatments is the acne laser treatment. Most of the people who took went to remove their acne using laser therapy on their first visit removed at least 37% of their acne. After 3 treatments over 85% of their noticeable acne was gone. After 4-5 treatments many people cleared up all of their acne. There are two major types of laser treatments for acne. The first Diode has had better results and has helped people clear their acne permanently. Some people respond very well to the other treatment which is the pulsed dye laser treatment. Even though these are great ways for cystic acne treatments they do have side effects. They are mostly relieved by a topical gel applied to your skin after the treatment.

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