Looking For A Reputable Africa Charity?

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Everywhere you look these days there's a new charity. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to sort through all the ones claiming to be a beneficial and important Africa charity, to find charities that truly are an honest and useful Africa charity.

It's important when researching to find a good Africa charity that you ask what percentage of the money given to the Africa charity is actually spent directly on the work that accomplishes their stated goal. You would be surprised at how little of the donated funds in most charities ever reached the people they are supposed to be helping. The sad thing is, that in many charity organizations, the majority of the donations go toward paying business expenses and salaries. A reputable Africa charity like WaterCan, at watercan will gladly provide its true breakdown of donation usage.

There are many areas an Africa charity can focus on for aide to Africa. People all over Africa are in need of food, and it's very easy to find an Africa charity offering ways to donate money for the purchase of food staples. Education is another common focus for an Africa charity, particularly the education of girls since they tend to be the group most underserved.

WaterCan is a charity that is dedicated to fighting global poverty, by creating sustainable access to clean water, hygiene education and basic sanitation. By providing for this basic need, this Africa charity builds the foundation for better health, food production, and gender equality. Young girls in African communities are generally responsible for fetching water, and this can take hours a day to accomplish if the water source is far from the village. By providing clean drinking water closer to the village, WaterCan gives the female population an opportunity to spend their time in school or other useful service.

WaterCan's website Watercan offers information about their work in the African countries of Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Kenya. You can also read stories about this Africa charity at work, learn more about why clean WaterCan make a significant difference in communities where this is a luxury, and read about the people who have been touched by this dedicated Africa charity.

A significant amount of the population has no access to clean water for drinking, bathing and other necessities we take for granted every day. An Africa charity making a difference in this often overlooked area of need, is WaterCan a Canadian based charity focusing on bringing clean water to all. Through their focus on Africa charity, WaterCan continues to focus on Sub-Saharan Africa, where 50% of the population has no access to clean water, and only 36% has access to sanitation.

By making a difference in this very important aspect of daily life, WaterCan brings more than just another African charity to the world. They bring life, health, wealth, safety and education for women and children.This is an Africa charity well worth supporting. For more information visit Watercan.

WaterCan is a Canadian charity that recognizes the impact access to clean water in Africa has on the community, and is working to make this very important basic necessity available to all. For more information visit www.watercan.com.

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