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Experimenting with lenses is always fun. Breaking the photography rules is even more. While considering portrait photography and wedding photography this fact becomes obvious. Itís not enough for a photographer to have exceptional technical skills and creative abilities to take candid and natural shots in portrait and wedding photography. If you want to create your own unique signature statement in the photography world, yes, you got to break some rules too!
In portrait photography as you know, the intention is to capture the spirit of the subject being photographed. It doesnít come well if you are trying to make them smile or from giving some external inputs to pose in a certain way. Especially in close up portrait photography the purpose is to arrest the emotions in your film. Always make sure that background is out of focus.
Coming back to our theme, here are some tips for beginner portrait photographers for better portraits:
If you want to capture some flattering pictures, take advantage of subjectís unawareness of your taking a shot. People can sense when they are not comfortable being pictured. And shot can get spoiled in a matter of milliseconds. If they are aware of your presence, approach them in the right way, make them cooperate with you. It has been observed that portrait photographers shy away from taking the shot from shorter distances. Get physically closer. Break the ice, talk about your purpose of the picture I needed.

Interesting thing in portrait photography is that you cannot wait till a supposed action to happen. This also means that portrait photographer has to have the skill to predict the behavior of the subject. One of the greatest skills is to know the situation and understanding what the subject would react to it. For an instance, when in the outdoors if it starts drizzling, people look up with a pleasant expression maybe also with a welcoming expression with open hands. Be prepared to what the circumstance is and capture candid and natural portrait photographs.
So cultivate this skill of anticipating subjectís behavior and also keep all the camera settings ready in advance when you are up for shooting. Example: setting of the aperture and shutter speed in advance. This confirms you donít have to struggle for the minor details when you are at shooting. This also reduces the number of moments where you regret of not able to capture awesomeness. Remember, every picture tells a story. As a portrait photographer itís you who speak that out through your photography!

Hereís one wedding photography suggestion to amateur wedding photographers:
Visit the location once where you are going to shoot before the event! This really helps in knowing how the actual wedding photography session going to take place. Most important factor to consider here is light. If you are aware of position of shots and the effect of light in that place you can create some really nice wedding pictures without have to spend much time thinking of ideas when actually the wedding photography takes place. Of course as a photographer you know how to make the best use of all those unplanned moments!
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