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If you want to find a really good hospitality management career position, then Miami is the place to go. There are a number of reasons why Miami is considered to be a hotspot for this kind of career positions. Other than that, there are also various institutions that you can find in Miami that offer courses and training programs in relation to this kind of career.


Miami seems to have everything and I don't mean just the curvaceous girls who are always roller skating along the beaches, although that is not to be ignored. You could easily imagine that it is a Hollywood set with beautiful beaches surrounded by palm tree. Lovely bathers and strollers. Everywhere you look, there is a magnificent hotel, crowds and crowds of people from all over the world.

Had enough sun and water? As night approaches, the nigh life begins. The glasses tinkle, the music fills your body and dancing is the only cure. Hollywood's conception of paradise comes to life. The accommodation service is fit for a king.

Miami is hospitality itself and this means that if you want to pursue a career in the hospitality industry, there are no greater opportunities.

For those who like to work where food and drink is served, this is mecca for Miami serves international cuisine. There are countless bars and restaurants where you can find food to please every taste whether it is for dishes from Japan, Jamaica, France , China or wherever. It is obvious that you have many choices to seek a placement.

Miami is the US window to Latin American countries and its diverse economy depends on its international involvement. Besides being a major port destination from South America and the Caribbean, many Latin American companies make their international headquarters in Miami.

International banking is also an important and growing sector of the Miami economy and the downtown area has the largest collection of international banks in the country. Miami is also a financial centre for the US.

While Tourism infuses the economy with money, healthcare, banking, finances and industry are strong sectors on their own. All of this attracts a large and diverse community of employees to Miami.

Entertainment opens up even more opportunities. You can find work in casinos as there are ample and the party people from everywhere flock to Miami's numerous clubs. If you are good at making drinks, there are more bars everywhere in the right areas.

Service industry employees depend on big tipper and because it is a booming tourist spot, you usually can count on good tips. People from various parts of the world go to Miami and they usually have a great amount of discretionary income. So between baby boomers and retirees all looking for a great time, a hospitality career could be lucrative.

Your search for these positions would include the internet, specialized Web sites where advertisements are posted for openings, the local newspapers especially in Miami are good sources and don't forget in your search to track the web sites of establishments you want to explore. Most all have web sites giving information about the business. You can usually find the links that take you to their hiring page.

Another good source is to make contact with recruitment agencies who are in daily contact with hotels, restaurants and other establishments. Their job is to get the best personnel for their clients. It wouldn't hurt to make yourself known to them. You can find any number of them on the internet.

A word here about language. More people speak Spanish than English in the city and everything from advertisements, to radio programs, to street side conversations are in Spanish. Business is often conducted in Spanish and when dealing with the many international Latin American companies, speaking the language will be an advantage. But one can easily get by with English.

And if you are new to the climate, no need to worry.

Miami temperatures do not really get unbearably hot. August is the warmest month averaging below 90F (32C). Humidity levels of 85-90 percent can make the weather unpleasant. Winter months are much cooler

So load your bathing suit and resumes and have fun in the sun.
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