Looking for a Cheap TI-84 Calculator?

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If you have been searching for a cheap TI-84 calculator, you aren't the only one. These calculators are much more expensive than other scientific calculators on the market. However, that doesn't mean you have to pay the full suggested retail price for them. The suggested retail price is around $200! This is definitely a lot for a high-school or college student.

Why Not Get a Different Calculator?

When many people see the price tag for the TI-84 calculator, they ask the question, "why not just get a different calculator?" While getting a different calculator may help you save money, it won't guarantee you get all the features offered by the TI-84. In case you're not familiar with these features, here are a few of them:

- Can handle calculus, engineering, trigonometric and financial problems
- Contains 11 pre-loaded applications
- Shares information with PCs and other calculators using USB technology
- Provides easy-to-use/read split screen graphing technology

Another thing you should know about this calculator is that it is an improved version of the TI-83 calculator - which has been the most popular (based on sales) calculator ever made. This is why it's hard to find a cheap TI-84 calculator. This particular model offers more applications, more storage, more memory an enhanced high-contrast display for easy reading and is much faster that its predecessor.

How to Save Money on this Calculator

Just because it's difficult to find a cheap TI-84 calculator doesn't mean it's impossible. As mentioned above, the suggested retail price for this calculator is right around $200-$215. This is quite a chunk of change, especially for the high-school and college students that need them the most. Obviously, this is why so many people are looking for a better price.

The best way to find the TI-84 calculator for less is by first looking at your local electronics stores to get an idea of how much it goes for locally. Then you need to begin looking online for it. Most online retailers will offer a discount right off the top of the calculator. However, don't just settle for that discount, you should search further. Look for an online retailer that has the product for less but also offers a discount on shipping. If you search long enough, you will find that some retailers will offer free shipping too!


It turns out that there's an online retailer that offers a cheap TI-84 calculator - in fact it's close to half off the suggested retail price mentioned in this article. As well, this retailer offers free shipping making this purchase even more attractive. Visit the TI-84 blog to learn where you can get it.

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