London as the home of the greatest Theatre Shows

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The London Theatre Shows Come to Life on Stage

London is one of the greatest cities on Earth. One of the main cultural centers of Europe and the home of some of the greatest stories in the English language. The city that gave us "A Christmas Carol and great stories like Oliver twist from yesteryear.

Delve into history with stories from Shakespeare. Or into the modern era with the musical "The Lion King"

The variety of shows that are on in the West End is amazing and there truly is something for everyone. Here are just a couple of the shows

Dirty Dancing.

An all time classic movie that has turned into a spectacular show. The story of two young people from totally different worlds. Their romance seems doomed from the start, but they didn't factor in the idea that young people can be determined when they want to be.

In many ways it's a timeless tale but with the extravagance of amazing dance routines and some of the biggest hits of the 1980's

But be aware that dirty dancing theatre tickets are for 16 years old and over. People under that age need to be accompanied by an adult.

The Mousetrap

How about sitting through a spine tingling play by that great Dame of the Thriller Agatha Christie?

The mousetrap London show has been running in the west end since 1953 and us still going strong! The interesting part is that the short story on which the play is based has never actually been published in the UK as Agatha Christie forbade it to be published while the show was still on in the West End!

One of the quirky things about this play is that the audience are drawn into the mystery at the end when they are asked not to reveal the villain to anyone who hasn't seen the play!

The show is the longest performing show in the History of the West End and has become a tourist attraction itself!

The 39 steps

A classic tale from the turn of the century, in 1935 Alfred Hitchcock turned this into one of the greatest movies of all time. A riveting tale of spies and betrayal on the eve of the outbreak of the first world war. Follow the hero as he flees from German spies but who can he trust?

Much Ado about nothing

It wouldn't be the West End without the bard playing. Shakespeare will always have a play on in the West End. Don't discount them as they can be some of the most entertaining plays around (how else would they be popular for over 300 years?)

This one is a classic love story about a couple about to marry but a scheming adversary has other ideas and sets about thwarting their plans for the wedding! A plot with as many twists as a master of the English language could put in and still keep it funny.


These are just a few of the many theatre shows that you'll find in London. And why the West End is one of the premier locations for catching a play. The shows cater for all tastes, from classic British comedy (Yes Prime Minister) to adrenaline pumping 'edge of your seat' adventure (the 39 steps) to the Romantic, or the suspenseful mystery woven by the ultimate crime storyteller of the 20th century.

The Lion King (based on the 1993 Disney Movie) is one that the whole family can enjoy (even the little kids) and has all the Elton John songs.

One of the "Must do" things in London, along with visiting the Tower of London and Buckingham Palace is to catch a play in the West End, the true home of English Theater.

Getting a ticket is one thing, but getting a good seat is something else and some of the shows tend to sell out fast. It always pays to make sure that you can get the ticket to the show you want to see. But one thing is sure. They are plays not to be missed at any price!

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