Logo Embroidery and Corporate Symbolism

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Visual stimuli are some of the first impressions we get. Imagery is instantaneous. It comes way before language in our personal development and remains the foremost way of recognizing an idea or concept. It's a natural response for us to place meaning on symbols, logos, and images. What makes a good logo is all in the effectiveness of it to possess similar meanings both in and out of context. Corporate logos boost reputation among outsiders and insiders alike. Proper logo design is a combination of simplicity, originality, technology, and ease of duplication.

A strong logo, bold, unique, and powerful can last decades. Monikers of these sorts may get redesigned for modernity purposes every now and again but usually their symbol and coloring don't change drastically. It's for this reason that the design must have some fortitude. If it applies to the company mission statement and it's appealing visually there is no reason it shouldn't succeed.

Why should the design represent a mission statement? The design should instill pride from within the company as much as outside. It represents a collective goal. Company logo shirts almost work as a form of bonding, sameness, and team building. When wearing custom logo shirts employees can identify with one another as peers. When appropriate, different ranks can be represented by a slight alteration in the design or color of the shirt.

Which brings us to the topic of color coordination. The coloring counts for a lot. When you plan on displaying your graphic, make sure it works well with different colored backgrounds. Have you tried it on black or white staff shirts? How about blue, red, or brown? With modern technology you can have logo embroidery with very specific color tones. Threading options are diverse so if you think mauve works better than maroon don't hesitate to specify you want that instead. Also, will the logo be translatable between formats? Does it work as well on the staff shirts as it does on billboards?

As for originality and duplication purposes, if you feature this symbol sans company name will it alter its effectiveness? If it does it's time to go back to the drawing board and fine tune it. If you still feel confident that it's sending the right message then that's a sure sign that it's ready for logo embroidery. Of course, should you want to include font in the form of the company name or catchphrase it won't hurt. They should be complements when paired.


Vision Embroidery provides small to medium size companies as well as schools, non profits, sports club with custom logo shirts and other clothing with logo embroidery.

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