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Logitel was established in 2010. Our main focus is to provide customer driven; value added services to the residential and business markets. Logitel has expanded its networks globally and always aims to have most advanced technologies that will offer an innovative, feature-rich, and cost effective alternative to traditional voice ,video and data services.
Logitel has a range of services including complete PSTN (line rental, prefix, and pre-selected), internet (broadband), broadband voice (VoIP), calling card, and mobile services all on a single invoice for convenience of its customers. We provide a way for you to make and receive phone calls using your internet connection. We have created Logitalk; a free to download software application which allows you to make and receive phone calls from your computer. Logitalk registered users can call other Logitalk users for FREE which will help cut down your phone bill.
Logitel has been a success thanks to its dedication and commitment to provide its customers the lowest possible rates combined with high quality customer services. Our vision is to become one of the leading telephone and broadband services provider that will bring people together, by achieving customer satisfaction, and never-ending high quality products and services.

Want some help in finding the right broadband plan? Look no further! We’re providing and offering best broadband deals in Australia. Our tariff plans make it easy for you to research and compare broadband plans that are available in your local area.
This is the fastest broadband service you can get over a copper phone line presently. To get ADSL2+ you need to have a connected phone line. The maximum download speed for ADSL2+ is 24 Mbps, but in reality no one gets downloads that fast because your speed slows the further you are from the local phone exchange. The copper phone line in the street and wiring and equipment in your house can also slow speeds down. But most people will get somewhere between 5Mbps and 15Mbps.
In some phone exchanges there are no ADSL2+ or Naked DSL services available. Almost all of these exchanges in Australia are serviced by ADSL1 broadband. When broadband was first released over a decade ago, ADSL1 speeds started at 256kbps. Some ISPs now only provide ADSL1 with speeds of at least 1.5Mbps (1500kbps).

All ADSL1 services require a landline to be connected and active. There are hundreds of thousands of Australians who are unable to get ADSL2+ or Naked DSL even when it is available in their local exchange because their phone line is connected via Pair Gain, a sub exchange or a RIM.
We are offering the best deal in Australia to provide our customers better platform to explore the world via diversified knowledge of internet (Cloud) by using cheap ADSL 2 to explore world and gain knowledge.
Selection of Mobile Phone Plan is another time consuming activity to perform, Logitel makes it easier for their clients to select the mobile phone plan, and mobile plan is attractive options to help with managing spend, if you use your mobile phone a lot a phone plan makes for a much better deal. Phone plans are designed to deliver the maximum call value to the user and provide lower call and SMS prices in return for the plan holder's long term commitment, by way of a contract. Rather than dismissing a contract plan as too daunting a prospect, it's worth weighing up the potential rewards.
Mobile phone plans require you to sign up for a set period of time, which is usually 12 months or 24 months, and either cost a fixed monthly fee for the duration of the contract (as with "cap" plans or fixed rate plans), or contract plans may offer lower call and text prices than prepaid mobile.
If your mobile phone is your only phone, or if you’re mobile usage is greater than your landline usage, then a phone plan will probably save you money over time. Given the fact that most plans offer bonuses, such as reduced call rates or free calls, as well as reductions on other mobile phone services, plans can prove to be a very shrewd investment for medium to heavy mobile users. Mobile phone networks also have a number of cheap mobile plans on offer at a variety of rates and you should find one that matches your needs.
If you're contemplating using your mobile as a complete replacement for a landline, it's worth noting of course too that, assuming you find a mobile plan at a competitive enough rate, the main benefit of a mobile phone plan is that it's for use with a mobile phone, which lets you call anyone from anywhere – maximum flexibility. The bottom line: choose a plan that relates as closely as possible to your phone usage while keeping within your budget. Some of the more expensive plans may appear attractive but don't be fooled into signing for a plan that offers things you won't use. After all, phone plans are supposed to save you money not cost you more. So the best mobile plans is that which suites your pocket size and we offers best mobile plans which fulfills your need & desire.
We are offering handsome range of mobile phone plans for our customers to provide them the best telecommunication facility at our level best.

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