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Texting or we call messaging is a way to communicate and send messages between mobile phones without any voice communication. Text messaging is also referred to as short message service, or SMS, the predominant technological method behind message delivery. Text messages are generally sent from one cellular phone to another but the advent of Free SMS service has enabled one to send messages from websites to mobile phones. Texting is an easy and quick way of conveying your messages. But texting from your mobile phone could amount to huge expenses. That is why Free SMS service has been introduced to relieve subscribers of the heavy mobile bills. Free SMS provides a cheap and easy to use two way communication channel compared to making a phone call. Free SMS enables one to receive a message any time any place unlike making a call which is quite an expensive process. You don’t have to bear any telecommunication cost for using Free SMS service.
Technology is developing ways to provide for fast and secure data and information transfer. A simple process of sending a SMS has solved our majority of problems. We appreciate the new technology that incorporates many types of communication into one device; the mode of communication has become easier now. A person from all over the world can avail this service. The Free will help to bring relations closer. You can send friendship quotes to your friends when they are depressed or are in some kind of grief. The messages will definitely elevate their mood and believe me it won't cost you a thing for sending a warm sms to your dear friend. In fact your gesture will lend a big smile on someone's face. This fastest and cost effective mobile marketing software makes its easy for businesses and social organizations including your friends and family to stay in touch through text message using a simple PC based application.

Sending Free SMS using PC is a more convenient way to communicate when in office, while working on your computers rather than sending message from a cell phone. Unlike cell phones, Free SMS service doesn’t have problems of network, battery charge and many more which sometimes become a headache for many people. All you need to do is take a minutes time and log on to the site and Send Free SMS. One can send Free SMS without any inconvenience caused or without suffering the network breakdown. No more tensions of keeping a check on lucrative schemes offered by the mobile operators.

The short messaging service has become an indispensable part of our working life. Corporate houses use the short messaging tool as a mode of communication between different organizations .Due to immense popularity of SMS service, most companies use it as a marketing tool to advertise their products. SMSs are also used as a CRM tools by many corporate. But mobile messaging is a bit expensive. It is not cost effective. To overcome the cost expenses of mobile messaging, Free SMS service has been introduced. Free SMS service is one of the most used ways to communicate cross India.

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