Location Identity using mobile networking applications

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The location of the user is identified by using a combination of mobile IP address, cell triangulation and GPS. Based on the user setting, the solution proactively notifies its user about interesting places, events, music, movies and other activities in the surrounding areas.
Instead of searching, the users can now use their phones to get updates on their favorite hotspots, activities, events of interest, recommended bargains that are chosen by the friends around them. The unique location feature ensures that it does not drain the batteries of the mobile devices used.
Business Challenge
The key challenge was to track the user location in real time for billions of moving (or stationary) objects including businesses, cars, people, and points of interest and do it efficiently with minimal power and bandwidth requirements.

This required the use of the entire range of position-finding processes such as Cell ID, GPS, WLAN and GSM fingerprinting and seamlessly transition between these technologies, using hybrid positioning strategies where beneficial.

Real time dynamic matching of the services which might be relevant for the user based on their relative positions and provide personalized notifications e.g. one user may have subscribed to be notified of their Facebook friends, Starbucks locations, and movie theaters, versus another that might be more interested in music concerts, highly rated restaurants, and sales available nearby.

Push content or interesting "events" to the user based on where they are and services of interest to them. The solution was expected to allow users to control the level of intrusiveness, ranging from a silent notification to a phone call.
The solution makes location relevant content from publishers not just available but relevant to users in real time, when and where they need it most.

The solution provides a cross section of channels that create an engaging social experience for users.

It provides a superior alternative than web search: a quicker, more powerful, easier to use, and pain free way to find what they are looking for on the go.

Software Solution
Location aware application, ¬nds the location of user using GSM or Tower information if GSM is not enabled.

Events are proactively sent to the users.

Clear distinguishing between read or unread events in the service channel.

Users can control what channels he/she is interested in.

Presents the event details in a unique manner and with graphical transitions, easy to navigate through or jump in the channel events.

Options to see the map (event location), chat with event organizer, call the event organizer or see more details of the events by visiting the event on web portal. All this with only one touch / key press on users mobile.

Events can be saved for future use or can be marked as favorites.

Various options for noti¬fication alerts. Sound or Vibrate or backlight ash or combination of all these or in silent mode.

Call alerts based on the event call priority.

Roaming alerts if the user is moving away from his roam free zone.

Automatic new version detection and installation.

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