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Online avatars can rightly be defined as mirroring the identities of millions of avatar users across the world. An avatar can rightly be defined as a personification or embodiment of an aspiration/hope. More often than not, users choose an avatar bearing some kind of resemblance to his/her personality. It might also be some kind of persona that the user had always aspired to be. Most of these avatars are illustrations or cartoonish representations and generate little or no excitement amongst viewers. Take for instance the Yahoo! Avatars with the pre-defined avatars of Egyptian queen or city girl which have embraced the display picture section of your instant messengers for almost half a decade.

However, there now appears to be a silver lining. With a very recent introduction of 3D self-avatar services, you can have your own picture avatarized and animated. This unique self avatar service allows you to get avatarized in just three simple steps- uploading your picture, choosing a character (for eg. Superman, city girl, angel, pirate, country boy etc), and choosing a dancing style. With these three simple steps you can transform your long-time dream, the dream of watching yourself playing a different role, into reality.

Nothing can be funnier than watching yourself or your friend's personification appear in interesting costumes and shaking a leg to a chosen tune. Uploading these avatars on messengers and other social networking sites will surely draw the gaze of other online users. As is widely known, presentation matters and the way we present ourselves to the world will determine others' impression of our personality. It's certain that online viewers are always on the hunt for something unique. These one of a kind online avatars are surely going to scrape off the reign of pre-defined avatars to crown a trend of realistic self-avatars.

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