Live Virtual Receptionist - Benefits for Your Business

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To stay ahead in the competitive business world, incoming calls to your office must be handled efficiently, as missing calls at times can be damaging to your business. A hosted PBX phone system incorporated with live virtual receptionist guarantees numerous benefits for your business organization, since this system takes care of all calls in the most efficient manner.

Enhance Your Business Image

The live virtual receptionist receives all incoming calls with professional sounding greeting messages. This system can be programmed to present personalized greeting messages based on business hours, non business hours, weekdays and holidays. It can give callers information regarding your products and services. Callers are also given a set of options such as dial by name, dial by extension and more. Calls are routed to the appropriate extensions depending on the option selected by the caller.

Calls to your official numbers can be forwarded to your alternate phone numbers including cell numbers. Therefore you can control your business from any remote location using a unique phone number and still create the impression that you are answering from your corporate office.

No More Missed Calls

The live virtual receptionist transfers unanswered calls to the voice mail box of the employees, allowing the callers to leave voice messages. Calls are routed to the voice mail system when all phone lines are busy. This ensures that you'll never miss important business calls. Multiple calls can be handled at the same time, without providing busy signals for the callers.

With a live virtual receptionist you can reduce the expenses involved in maintaining additional staffs for attending calls. Moreover, it is possible to increase the efficiency of your workforce and accomplish your business goals rather effortlessly.

Beneficial Alternative for Your Business

Live virtual receptionist benefits can be enjoyed without purchasing expensive PBX equipments. All the equipments are preserved at the site of the service provider and the services are offered through a hosted server using high speed Internet or telephone networks. The PBX services are shared among numerous users and are therefore available at reasonable monthly rates.

AccessDirect is a leading provider of virtual PBX systems with virtual receptionist, call forwarding, voice mail and fax mail features. Our live virtual receptionist system, that forms part of the hosted PBX phone system, can create a good impression for your business.

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