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World has become really fast paced. As quoted in a famous movie “if we do not run we will be left behind in the competition of life”. Life itself is a whirlpool of changes. The importance of real time information thus increases greatly. Live News comes on first preference over other choices due to this. Fanaticism is even greater when Indians are provided with the entertainment of Cricket fever. Mobile alerts are of extreme importance that gives us live cricket score. Rising enthusiasm of the fever is kept up with those alerts. UP news like other states cannot be exempted for absence on sports info in such frenzy.

News reflects the currents working in favor or against society. It carries hints of destructive or recreational energy depending on the way of its representation. To get all latest happenings and ponderings we follow live news. Source may be any depending upon availability that may vary from radio, Internet, mobile news alerts etc. Interest or rather expectation of having only “fresh” we stick to “live”. Else, news would be nothing but stale. We can catch glimpses of this newfound interest in any place if we care enough to look for them. While traveling in metro, while doing household routines, while on our way to office or in meeting with client or dinner with an old friend, we get tingled by anticipation of “live”. The feeling is best expressed when we are to wait for Live Cricket Scoress.

During important events, this whole “live” thing gets even more exaggerated. Nothing peculiar would be noticed if it were a mishap or a celebration. It does get our attention when tagged live. All states get equal share of attention (or neglect) with this factor. Delhi news is no bigger than UP news if it is not live. They get equal attention if they both are source of current happenings. News in itself seems insignificant but timing is all that matters.

Living a life gasping and panting is not the dream we grew up with. We always dreamt of a life filled with fun and heart-filled experiences. In the race of live news or live cricket news we miss motivation we can get from life or even from our surroundings. There are great aspects worth our notice. Are we going to give them a chance or just be glued to our latest technologies to get live UP news or any other news for that matter?

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