Live Music in Asia

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Marketing budgets were slashed, therefore entertainment, especially live music, was cut out of corporate prSince the recession hit the world, companies have been forced to cut back on expenditure. ograms leaving many musicians jobless overnight.

Those musicians living in the USA and United Kingdom suffered most, as the recession hit there hardest. Working as a music artist a consistent amount of work is required to be financially stable. When there is no work, other options need to be considered to pay the bills like; doing any other work (office/decorator/sales); teaching; or leaving to work abroad where jobs are available.

USA and UK are renowned to be the two top places to be a musician. However, in the last few years, Asia has fast become a circuit where live music is booming. More and more artists are making it in foreign territory because of the over-saturation of budding new singer-songwriters in USA and UK, plus lack of work left from the recession. Therefore artists have left these areas to work abroad as it offers a more steady income as a musician.

Through some extensive research from expat blogs, contacting live music venues and exploring the music scenes; there are more music venues in Asia where musicians perform everyday than anywhere in the world. Top-end hotel chains like the Sheraton, Hyatt, Mandarin and Hilton have incorporated live music venues with a superb entertainment program, to be part of this bustling night life. Their hotel guests like holiday-makers, business travelers, expats and locals thrive on the entertainment provided with its western influence of top 40 hits.

The bands that perform in these venues range from 4-7 piece bands, contracted for 2-6 months performing six nights per week in the same venue. An agency manages their work schedule with the hotel/venue. As new bands are formed or musicians are replaced, the agency sources new professional singers and musicians world-wide offering a stable living working across Asia. The appreciation of top 40 hit music in Asia is huge, so it is an absolute pleasure for a musician to perform in these fully booked venues, with talented live music artists from all over the globe.

If you are a live music artist struggling to find work in your own country Asia is definitely a location to consider. New destinations for musicians to consider working in are China, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, and United Emirates.

The author is a music band owner which offers its services to a variety of class especially five star hotels in Asia. There are several music bands which performs live shows six days a week. The band offers Musician Jobs and female singers jobs across the world.

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