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But fast-forward to the morning-after-the-night-before and it’s a different story…

Your hair looks like it’s been stuck in a tumble dryer cycle, sparkly cosmetics have slid halfway down your face – and over your best frock – and those false lashes now resemble two spiders hanging out on your pillowcase.

A heavy night on the tiles can spell one big beauty hangover the next day.

With the festive party invitations stacking up, it’s time to get your rescue routine down to a fine art, so that when that alarm goes off, you can step out of the door looking like the picture of virtue and vitality – no matter how much sleep you’ve clocked up.

Check out the post party pick-me-ups that will fool everyone during the festive season.

* Skin stress

But let’s get real, after a few too many mulled wines and Christmas cocktails, removing shoes might be about your limit.

Keep cleansing wipes at your bedside table ready to erase your party face. You can always remove the glitter and mascara leftovers you’ve missed in the morning.

“There’s a misconception wipes are bad for the skin, they’re not,” says Bharti Vyas, holistic skincare therapist.

“Wipes actually help remove the dead cells and improve circulation to refine the skin.”

“Wrap the wipe around three fingers and use in a circular motion. In the morning, splash your face with cold water to wake the skin.”

* Eye sore

The bloodshot look, eye bags and dark circles are all tell-tale signs that you’ve been burning the festive candle at both ends.

Leave an eye-mask in your fridge to diminish puffy eyes for five minutes while you’re coming around on your snooze button and use a refreshing eye roll-on so the cooling effects continue during your commute.

Shahena Ali, founder of The Powder Lounge, says: “To make eyes look less bloodshot and instantly wider, brighter and more sparkly, apply a cream coloured or flesh toned eye pencil to the inner rim of the upper and lower eyelid.”

“This is a great shortcut to faking a good night’s sleep, creating the illusion of wide awake eyes.”

* Hair scare

Tackle unruly bed-head knots and back-combing hangovers with a Tangle Teezer brush.

The beer bottle may have been your best friend last night but if you’re too time-pushed to lather up your locks, reach for the trusty dry shampoo bottle to revive your tresses.

Nick Malenko from Royston Blythe salon has this advice for faking an uber-polished look:

“To transform limp hair, spray it all over with dry shampoo then tip your head upside down to help create a high ponytail with body.”

“Use tongs or straighteners to create a sleek curl in pony or alternatively, pin it around the base to make a large bun.”

* Five-minute face

Look for products containing light-diffusing technology that reflect light away from large pores, uneven skin tone and dreaded dark circles.

“The best morning-after beauty routine starts with your skin,” advises Pablo Rodriguez, senior make-up artist at MAC Cosmetics.

“Drink water and hydrate your skin with a product containing calming properties like camomile, green tea and cucumber to condition it. Then, apply a caffeine-based eye cream to de-puff and moisturise with a product like MAC’s Strobe Cream, which reflects the light for an instant glow.”

After a night of heavy make-up, let your skin breathe and cut back on cosmetics to shrink your application time.

Rodriguez recommends: “Add a touchghd straighteners of colour to brighten up your complexion using a pink blusher on the apples of your cheeks, a bright lip colour, and curl lashes to open up your eyes.”

Tried & tested

Add some sparkle to your party season with a sprinkling of glitter powder to get you in the Christmas spirit. We test three shimmer pots.

* The Body Shop Stardust Glitter Pot in Gold, £7 (


* BellaPierre Glitter Powder in Spectra, £12.99 (


* MAC A Tartan Tale limited edition Pigment Colour Powder in Moonlight Night, £15 (


Buy it now

Inject some X Factor into your preening routine with the new Cheryl Beauty Tools Set by Alida, including ghd straighteners salegirly nail clippers, emery board and slanted tweezers for £5.99 (

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