Lithium Project in Argentina is on the agenda again

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Lithium-ore beneficiation process hand-election law, Manual selection method in the fifties and sixties was at home and abroad lithium ore, beryl concentrate production in one of the main mineral. For instance, China in 1959, Xinjiang, Hunan and other provinces in the production of hand-selected 2,800 tons of beryl ore in 1962, the world's output of 7,400 tons of beryl ore, which concentrates 91% of hand-selected.
Exploration and development license Cauchari-Olaroz application is approved, and the end of 2010, the company has passed to allow the final feasibility and the company is currently working to complete its preliminary economic assessment by the end of this month. The company had intended to start in April pilot plant on-site construction of continuous Lithium Grinding Mill and lithium carbonate first production expected in the fourth quarter. And has been identified in the use of Caiman crushing machine for crushing ore, they reduce costs while in order to ensure that the lithium mining projects can proceed smoothly. They did not choose more than one occasion Metso, Sandvik these big brands of mining equipment, which will increase the cost for them, the masses can not give more subsidies nearby.

Lithium-ore beneficiation process is the most important ore crushing lithium, lithium ore crusher most critical choice, select the appropriate lithium ore crushing can make your work more effective.
This is mainly because most of them from lithium pegmatite ore deposits, selected other major industrial minerals of spud humane, beryl crystals such as large, changed hands election. It should be seen, hand-selected labor-intensive, low productivity, resource waste, sorting index is low, and thus was gradually replaced by mechanical dressing methods. However, the labor is cheap in developing countries; the hand-election is still the main method of production of lithium concentrates.
Lithium-ore beneficiation process flotation method
Research and application of flotation method earlier, has been abroad in the 30's flotation of sped humane concentrate for industrial production.
Lithium mining for Salt Lake, this method is through the evaporation of brine in the sun field, making the precipitation of sodium and potassium, lithium chloride concentration will be increased to 6%, and then into the factory, with the Soviet style of play will be solid lithium chloride into lithium carbonate products. Developed technology is also more complex, is still in production test stage.

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At the same time in the growing nickel industry in Argentina, but also there are some problems, such as nickel mine in mostly low-taste, the small proportion of Surface Mining, recoverable reserves account for only 10% of total reserves, mining and smelting technology is relatively backward; Nickel Concentrator media generally use the weak acid or alkali flotation process, mineral processing capacity of 430 tons / year; Argentina nickel smelting addition to several large companies other than the election of commonly used fire assay techniques matte smelting and refining of nickel anode diaphragm mainly nickel sulfide Selective electrolytic and sulfuric acid leaching - electro winning process, and there is a certain gap between the world of advanced technology, so China's high cost of mining and smelting. Also nickel ore crusher is also worthy of consideration, choose a suitable nickel ore crusher, can improve the utilization of nickel
2010 China'sNickel mining equipment expected to reach 40 million tons / year, China will become the world's largest consumer of nickel. The basis of China's reserves of nickel are only 230 million tons, nickel exploration in China in recent years without significant progress, if for consumption in accordance with this go on, 10 years after China's nickel ore resources will be gradually depleted.
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