List of Animation Movies

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There are several movies that come under the animation movies list. One of the most popular and has received high rankings throughout the world is the Batman Begins. Before it was introduced, the Dark Knightís was the major monopolizing movie but Batman Begins emerged to be a good rival. Albeit there are abundant of fans still wrestling over and over again that the Dark Knight is better than the Batman Begins, the Batman Begins has proven to receive more attention and reputation.
Being one of the best animated movies, the Batman tale revolves around the past of Bruce Wayne. Batman has the job of stopping the new rogue, Phantasm from attacking the local mob population of Gothamís. The convicts and criminals involved are directly link to Bruceís first and last romantic love, his personal and true relationship he was eager to give up for the sake of happiness. However, the elements displayed in the movie were not too moving, more to a comedian style.
Another movie, Metropolis by Fritz Lang is also one of the best animated movies ever released. This is rated as one of the genuine vintage classic artwork of the silent film generation. The movie, released in 2001, was adapted from the manga series of Osamu Tezuka which has been directly transformed from the Langís film. This anime portrays a controversy between two groups of people having different social statuses. Besides, the movie integrates also the true essence of being a human. The movie consists of astounding visuals and still holds its uniqueness against other classics such as the Akira.

Though not number one in the animation movies list, Fantasia is one of the coolest and greatest masterpieces by Disney. Perhaps the movie was not rated to be the first due to the diverse respond from audiences, ranging from comments like too cheesy or boring. But it was definitely a movie that deserves vast appraisal, even the movie now marks a 70 years of age. However, several experts ultimately argued that this movie was peerless and should be labeled one of the best, if not dominating the highest position in the list.

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