Liposuction, Laser Hair Removal, and Botox in Boca Raton

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Science, through technology, has made it possible for humans to alter their physical attributes. Nowadays, women can get rid of unwanted fats in their thighs and abdomen, and men can instantly eliminate fine lines and wrinkles on their faces. An ideally-shaped body can be achieved through the procedure of liposuction. There are also various plastic surgery procedures that improve the appearance of the skin.
In Boca Raton, laser hair removal, liposuction, and Botox treatments are among the most popular plastic surgery procedures. Many Boca Raton residents love the positive effects of laser hair removal on the body. The procedure inhibits hair growth on the underarms, legs, upper lip, and chin for a long period of time, without the pain caused by wax treatment. Laser hair removal procedures help women achieve smoother skin, allowing them to enjoy wearing more outfits.
Technically, you can ask a Boca Raton surgeon to remove hair from specific parts of your body. Aside from the armpits and legs, you can ask your surgeon to treat your abdominal area as well. The extent of the laser hair removal depends on a patient’s preferences.

How does laser hair removal work? As intense heat and light passes through the skin, hair follicles are damaged. This regulates the regrowth of hair on the treated area. However, continuous and successive laser treatments are needed to permanently remove hair from the body. In the absence of successive laser treatments, hair follicles eventually return to their original state. Hence, Boca Raton laser hair removal surgeons recommend multiple treatments to make the procedure’s effects last longer.
People who want to lose unwanted fats on the body undergo liposuction. During liposuction, a cannula is inserted into the body to siphon off fats between the skin and muscles. This leaves the body with improved contours. Boca Raton liposuction surgeons administer laser liposuction treatments to patients. Surgeons use high-frequency laser light to burn fats between the skin and muscles.
Plastic surgery is not all about enhancement of body contours and the skin. Surgeons also administer treatments that can conceal the visible signs of ageing. In Boca Raton, Botox treatment is the most common procedure for anti-aging treatment. Botox Boca Raton surgeons inject botulinum toxin in the patient’s face to smooth out crow’s feet, frown lines, and laugh lines.

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