Lipoaspiracao - Benefits And Risks

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Lipoaspiracao or liposuction is a popular form of cosmetic surgery that is gaining ground at a fast pace. Today people have become highly figure conscious, may be because of the glorified positions of celebrities and models, and hence are willing to go under the knife to look better.

Lipo is a part of that process of wanting to look better and have a well contoured body. There are many methods of lipoaspiracao. New and improved methods are being developed almost every day. The methods of lipoaspiracao that is used more commonly these days are laser assisted liposuction, ultrasound assisted liposuction, hidrolipo, super wet liposuction, etc.

Lipoaspiracao has many benefits. First, it is quick way of getting rid of the unwanted fat in the body. There are many people who go on diets and strenuous exercises to lose gordura localizada. However, they may not be successful in achieving the perfect figure. Lipo helps get rid of fat that the diet and the exercise just won't get rid of. This fat may be on the arm, thigh, abdomen, buttocks, or breasts. It may even be on the neck. Wherever this fat is, it can be removed by lipoaspiracao.

Other than looking great, liposuction actually helps in getting rid of the excess fat in the body that can cause many health issues. After the lipo, the body is healthier as the fact content is reduced to the required limit. These two benefits of lipoaspiracao are so important that they overshadow the risks involved in the procedure. However, it is essential to understand the risks too before opting for any surgical procedure.

Like any other surgical procedure, lipoaspiracao also comes with risks attached. For one thing, there is the risk of some unexpected thing happening during surgery. Then there is the risk of infection in the area where the procedure has been done. The other risks are scarring around the area of surgery and excessive bleeding. Sometimes, the surgery is said to cause pain and redness in the area too. Another problem that many people face is prolonged recovery time. Though there are
procedures that claim that the person is good to go in 48 hours, there are times when a few weeks or a month's recovery time is prescribed.

Another risk involved (though extremely rare) is skin death. This means that the skin around the surgical area dies and becomes discolored. An important thing to remember is to get the procedure done from a hospital or a registered clinic. Avoid spas and beauty salons that claim to do the procedure as the risk percentage is higher in such places.

Lipoaspiracao is ideal to get that perfect body. However, it is always better to talk in detail with the plastic surgeon before carrying out the procedure. The doctor will be able to take you through the procedure and explain the risks involved. One thing is for sure, do the procedure only if you are absolutely sure. Don't get sucked in by what others say.

Remember that it is a surgical procedure and get it done only if you really want it.

If lipoaspiracao is what you are looking for, the best place to go to is This online site offers valuable information about the procedure as well as sensible advice to patients.

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