Lip Disaster Happens to Actress

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We’ve seen the look – over inflated lips, lips that have lost their definition and lips that look unnatural. No amount of explaining from a well-paid publicist can stop the look of shock on our faces as we watch in amusement that yet another poor darling has succumbed to lip enhancement the old fashioned way.

Lip injections use toxic ingredients and that seems barbaric!

It is difficult to imagine how pain, bruising, discomfort, swelling and tenderness equate to beauty, especially when the results look almost unworldly initially. While touted as a safe cosmetic procedure, lip enhancement via syringe or a scalpel can be risky and downright scary.

The discomfort level of lip injections prevents eating and drinking for the first few days and according to certain websites, it is advised to check the temperature of your food and drink before imbibing so that tender tissue is not burned because one cannot adequately judge how hot is hot the first few days after injecting. Along with the inevitable trauma, the results might not sit well with you if you see unusual lumps and bumps forming. Even normal talking or singing is not advised after injections are used and of course, if you see puss emanating from the lips, it’s time to let the doc know there is something going on and this could spell trouble for you.

Full, pouty lips can look sensational and make the wearer look years younger but sometimes the look is overdone. Take Emmanuelle Beart, a French actress, who recently decided to forego further cosmetic enhancements after her looks had been botched by too many operations. Her once beautiful lips and mouth now look misshapen and lumpy. Ms Beart said she was “profoundly affected” by having plastic surgery and would not consider it again. She added: ‘It is a grave act in which you don’t necessarily foresee all the consequences.’

There are others who have unsuccessfully fooled with Mother Nature. Lisa Rinna is another celebrity who, after years of portraying her over-the-top trout pout, decided that she would rather have the lips she was born with rather than the large, distorted lips she sported before the camera. She did have a revision surgery and her results are much more pleasing to the eye.

There are others – Donatella Versace’s lips lost her cupid’s bow which happens when the lips begin to splay outward unnaturally. We’ve seen that look on others as well and it’s not happy news.

Just think about this: celebrities have a lot of disposable income to use toward enhancements but yet, their results can be disappointing. Even if the patient has lots of money, it does not guarantee satisfaction with the procedure.

Most women love the look of fuller lips. Fuller lips look sexy and that extra pout can help your face look younger, and more striking, because we recognize that thin, dry, unattractive lips can make our faces seem older.

So how does one receive fuller, poutier lips without risk or danger?
Even those users of Restylane and other injected modalities, tire of spending countless dollars to constantly re-inflate their lips; not only are these procedures painful, but they may not provide the results you desire.

Finally, there is a natural solution that works for most every face. A small, red, hand-held device is enlarging even the most ordinary lips into extraordinary lips that rival Angelina’s.

Used by both men and women who desire fuller lips without dangerous side effects, the lip pump is a vacuum that naturally inflates the lips using the body’s own fluid.

Without drugs, injections, surgery or anything harmful or expensive, you can create full, pouty and more kissable lips.

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