Linking IoT and Emergency Satellite Communication Technology

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The Internet of Things (IoT) movement, which pertains to the interconnected network of devices, is well on its way, as evidenced by the delivery of many new types of services and new disruptive technologies. Because many rural and remote areas are still unconnected to the Internet due to geographical limitations and business constraints, the vital importance of emergency satellite communication in making IoT possible becomes clear.

Here are the ways in which emergency communication solutions using satellite technology will contribute to the pervasiveness of IoT in the near future.

Real-life Applications

Satellite communication technology is already being used, albeit on a limited scale in many areas, in the following ways. Keep in mind that these real-life applications can be modified depending on the communication needs and wants of the users, thus highlighting the versatility of satellite communication technology.

Connecting remote assets

Cost-efficient, results-effective business continuity can be achieved when remote assets can be connected, so to speak. Business operations in rural and remote environments can be monitored and evaluated via satellite communication technology on offshore platforms and unmanned sites.

Transforming transportation infrastructure

Maritime vessels now have broadband connectivity and the maritime satellite phone plays a pivotal role in the transformation of the transportation and communication infrastructure. With satellite communication technology, innovative mobile services are enabled on a wider geographical area.

Facilitating mobile retail and banking products and services

Satellite communication technology is also being used as the communications backbone in keeping mobile point-of-sales applications and wireless ATMs in remote and rural areas running as smoothly as their urban counterparts.

Promoting the wider use of sensor networks

Mining and energy companies are now looking into the extensive use of satellite-based sensor networks in their business operations for remote areas, such as in offshore exploration projects. The men and women on these remote operations can then be connected to the IoT, thanks to the wonders of satellite technology.

Developing sustainable cities

In government administration, remote site satellite monitoring also has its uses. For example, satellite communication technology enables the installation of smart grids in remote regions where land-based networks usually fall short.

Indeed, the IoT movement can be driven by satellite communication technology, thus enabling the former to become more pervasive.

Real Benefits

When applied in the real world, the interconnectivity between the IoT and satellite communication technology provides for several real benefits. The assumption here, of course, is that the details of the interconnectivity have been carefully analyzed, implemented and monitored for the following benefits to manifest.

Ubiquitous coverage

Carrier integrated service providers and satellite communication technology operators should work together to provide ubiquitous network coverage, even in remote locations. The interconnectivity of smart devices across a wider geographical span can result in more innovative personal and professional applications for both technologies.

Reliability of services

With their closer and stronger partnership, the two service providers can increase the reliability of their networks. This is of special value for remote asset monitoring for mining and energy companies.

Other desirable traits include speed of connectivity, cost efficiency, and better integration of carrier integration service providers and satellite operators. These traits are already being demanded in first responder satellite communications. The job of business managers is to look into the potential of the IoT as it applies to satellite technology already in use.

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