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I have recently moved into a new house and have spent a long time renovating and decorating it. Luckily, the house is just as I want it to be now and I now have the happy task of putting the finishing touches to my home to make it look exactly as I want. One of the things I am keen to get in my home is some limited edition prints. Obviously, art adorns any home, but I feel that limited edition prints will really show a sense of my personal style. Of course, limited edition prints can prove very expensive but I am confident that I will be able to find some prints that are within my budget and will look fabulous as well.

When I began to research limited edition prints I soon realised that it can be a potential minefield to find just the limited edition prints you want and get them at the right price. As there are so many limited edition prints out there, one needs to be very careful in choosing to ensure that the art you buy will be something you will love for ever. The great thing about limited edition prints is that you know that your piece of art cannot be owned by everybody. Indeed, there are only so many prints made of this particular work of art and, therefore, your art will be the envy of your social circle.

One company which sells limited edition prints is Red Rag Gallery. A friend of mine had heard that I was looking for limited edition prints and she recommended them as she had bought from them before. When I visited them online at, I was really pleased to see the huge range of limited edition prints that they had on offer and I knew straight away that I would have no problem in finding the right art for my home. As they have such a wide range of limited edition prints at really great prices, they really are the only one stop shop that you will ever need to buy art. can provide a wide range of limited edition prints , including contemporary art, sculptures and limited edition prints of Jack Vettriano available at great prices.

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