Lightning Fast Motorola SURFboard SB5101U

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A lot of people today are starting to become increasingly more conscious of the environment and now have began to express their desire to promote Mother Earth’s cause. Makers of electronics themselves have also made known their desire to support the cause of ecologists by making devices which are usually environmentally friendly like the Motorola SURFboard SB5101U. Nonetheless, the Motorola Modem SB5101U is not simply an earth-friendly cable modem. It likewise presents very fast broadband connection! Indeed, the Motorola SB5101U is an outstanding device.

But then, it seems like we’re preempting ourselves here. This piece is supposed to exhaust the amazing features of the Motorola SURFboard SB5101U just so you’ll know how valuable it is. So from this point on, we'll be tackling some of the important elements of the Motorola SB5101U.

The Motorola Modem SB5101U is specifically created for quick set up using USB or Ethernet cables. Troubleshooting is very easy because there are front panel status indicator LED lights and also a web-based diagnostics page. It can work well with Windows, Mac, as well as other operating systems. But since the Motorola SB5101U is a DOCSIS cable modem, you need to ask your cable company first if they support it. DOCSIS means Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification and this is actually the trade basis for cable-based Internet access service.

Let’s now discuss speed. The Motorola Modem SB5101U uses 10/100Base-T Ethernet for super fast speed. It’s proficient in downloading videos, games and a lot more at speeds that can be 100 times faster than conventional dial-up. You may even surf the internet and play online games faster. These characteristics warrant that you're benefiting the most from your connection.

What else do you get from the Motorola SURFboard SB5101U? We said earlier that the modem is environmental friendly. This advocacy is attested to by the packaging products made from recycled materials that are used on it. It even makes use of corrugated recycled shipping carton. All 100% of the package contents are also made from recycled materials. It also conforms to Energy Star. The gadget also utilizes smaller power supply which results to decreased environmental impact.

The Motorola Modem SB5101U provides downstream data speeds as much as 38 Mbps and up to 30 Mbps of upload speed. It's all ready for Internet Protocol Version 6. Yow will discover the following in each package of the Motorola SURFboard SB5101U: 2-year warranty card, quick start guide, CD-ROM installation disc and USB drivers, Ethernet cable and power adapter.

Truly, the Motorola SB5101U is a cable modem that's lightning fast and earth-friendly. Today when extra awareness is shown the planet and in what ways it may be redeemed, this cable modem is a requirement.

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