Lighted Makeup Mirrors - Making A Daily Task Easier

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Lighted makeup mirrors are mirrors which make use of artificial illumination to present you the look of normal daylight while you are applying makeup to your face. Several lighted mirrors give you the option of daylight and evening illumination. The intent here is to let you know exactly what you will appear like whether you are planning a night of dancing or an afternoon at the park.

And there are many more things a lighted makeup mirror can do for you. For starters it shows the places you overlooked, when cleaning, moisturizing, or applying base, blush, or powder. And the chore becomes even easier when you get a mirror that includes magnification.

There are other decisions you will have to make before you purchase your mirror. Do you need a swivel hinge to make moving the mirror easier? Do you want a mirror with magnification on one side and a ordinary mirror on the other? 4X or 5X magnification is somewhat average, although you can get it as low as 1X or as high as 10X.

This is maybe the most difficult decision to make as soon as you've determined you can no longer tweeze or put on makeup without a lighted mirror. Keep in mind that when you apply makeup or tweeze, the glasses have to come off. Also think about where you will be using the mirror. If you sit at a dressing table, how tall does this mirror need to be in order to be nicely placed? Does your mirror use batteries? If not you'll want to be certain there is an electrical outlet next to the location you will be using it. A number of women apply makeup while standing. For them, a wall mounted mirror is in all probability best.

You can also select one that is fogless, to be utilized in the shower. They are water-resistant, and even come with clocks and radios if you want. These mirrors operate on batteries and attach to the shower walls by utilizing suction cups. And, accept it or not, I know someone that both tweezes and puts on makeup in the shower. She swears the hairs pull out more painlessly, and that makeup never cakes in a cool mist.

Travel makeup mirrors are the ideal accessory for a lady on the go. They are smaller, battery-powered, and easily fold up for storage in a purse or overnite suitcase. And the batteries will survive a long time since they automatically turn off when the mirror is shut.

If you only have to have a mirror to position on your vanity, you will have a lot of sizes, shapes and styles to choose from. Matching the decor of your room will be simple. Plastic frames come in all colours, and you might also get the metals that range between period golds and brass all of the way to the contemporary nickel and chrome.

To discover additional information about lighted makeup mirrors be sure to visit You'll also read why a wall mount makeup mirror may be the ideal makeup mirror for you.

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