Lifestyle News: Taking our control over us

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Life is all about growth and up gradation from previous position. We have come a long way making progress. Water is best when it flows. If it stops, it becomes fetid and injurious to health. Flowing with the growth has become lifestyle news. Only change done is new wrapping of glitters. Growth prospects have always been a discussion issue in business news. This is where great minds meet to invent new ways of growth by analyzing old track records. Latest News has always made business world anxious of its outcome on their expected growth rate. These things can have serious economical aftermaths. They are trendsetters of lifestyles. This can be deduced from dramatic raise in social and economical standard of living we have witnessed in India.

Lifestyle, always imbibed (of others)!

We have a way to judge a personís standard of living. We conclude this by his mode of transportation, his residence and his shopping and dining places. That is why celebs make great lifestyle news. It gives unexpected reference, credentials and publicity of course. Lifestyle is sometimes wrongly adopted as current fashion that has assumed tendency of change. Lifestyle in real is the way people like to live. Although liking has nothing to do with following. People like to follow those whom they consider their role models. Eventually they start liking it. Lifestyle is majorly copied hence. Those who come with something new start getting followers. This is the way it works.

Is Resistance defining us?

Individuals keep themselves busy so that nothing foreign can seep into them. Yet, what we resist is most likely to influence us. We try avoiding them because we know they can have impact on us. We read all the latest news hungrily. We are famished for more of it even if last assimilation process is not complete. Business News has its own space. Even here we look for ideals (claimed unwanted) without being aware of it. Human Mind was never simple to evaluate.

Determination of Oneís Worth

Reading all the latest news could never make us aware about ourselves. It needs introspection along with the retrospection of our deeds. Patterns from past will lead us to our real demands that are without any foreign influence. Neither would we need the lifestyle news to become somebody elseís follower nor the business news to imitate monetary progress only. It may not be sound easy. It really isnít. But it is surely worth for the gift of life we are bestowed with.

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