Life's little mysteries: Why is Mario Kart so popular?

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There is something very loveable and likeable about him that people just relate to, regardless of their age or nationality. Mario has been in many games, but the combination of Mario and a racing game has proven to be extremely popular. Mario Kart is exciting and brings players the experience of driving a very fast car to their living room.

For many people, driving fast without a care in the world is a common fantasy. Young children who have never driven before love the idea of being able to handle a car even if it is only on a video game. Teenagers with a license know they have to be responsible but with this game they don't have to. Even Mom and Dad can break out of their normal routines and roles to go crazy playing Mario Kart.

While you can use the regular Wii game controller to play it, there are is a better option. For about $30 you can get the Wii wheel. The Wiimote fits right into the middle of it so it is out of your way while you play. The Wii wheel hooks straight up to the Wii so you will all be ready for the ultimate driving experience in the world of video games in just minutes.

Even the younger players will be able to use it. With all the advanced features the Nintendo Wii offers, anyone is able to use them. This is part of the reason why so many people love it. You don't have any complicated setting up to work with when you want to change from one accessory to the next for your various Wii games.

The Wii wheel helps to give a very realistic driving experience. If you over correct, you will end up off the track and possibly end up going the wrong direction. It will take some time to get used to the feel of the Wii wheel, but once you do, it will add to your experience playing Mario Kart and any of the other driving games available on the Wii.

Mario Kart is also interactive. If you are online, you and fifteen other people can play at once. That is the most for any online video game out there. It can be your friends from all over town or just a group of random people from around the world. This is certainly more challenging and entertaining than playing at home against the same person or yourself over and over again.

Mario Kart is a fast paced racing game for Nintendo Wii. You are going to have a blast playing it. In fact, if you are a competitive person by nature you need to have yourself pumped up and ready to go. Get some practice rounds in and then start playing against other people. You will develop a strategy to get you out in front of the other racers in no time at all.

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