Life’s Humor – Best Understood through Comedy Shows!

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What's the use of watching a TV show when you can't simply laugh aloud?

Yes, comedy shows are the most widely received and anticipated genre of TV shows among the entire set that are telecast daily in different TV channels. But there are certain genres of comedy that reach instantaneously than the other ones. In spite of successful animated shows like ‘The Simpsons' or the ‘Family Guy', there are simple comedy tracks that are very popular and have run for many seasons consecutively.

Let's look at 5 such intelligently made comedy TV shows that are still popular among the masses.

The Big Bang Theory
This sitcom, made on 2 prodigy friends, keeps you in splits most of time. The humor is timed very well and the characters are an apt mix of brilliance and comedy. It also popularized the fact that being ‘smart' matters!

Well timed dialogues and well-etched six characters have made Friends a part of every family TV viewing. The characters make every real aspect in life a comical situation and the fast pace of the show kept the viewers hooked on to it. Every actor became very popular and had an easy entry into movies, with special mention to Jennifer Aniston and her super-cool character as Rachel Green.

Whose Line Is It Anyway
A game that works on improvisational comedy and involves four players to act out comedy themes and situations has proved that there can be fun in creativity too! This TV show had roped in the masses to watch their continuous series which is being broadcast even today

How I met your mother
An inspirational true story can be a good base for a comic love story. While viewers consider some part of ‘How I Met Your Mother' silly, it's still on top of the charts for the reality it portrays. Well, viewers can't get a better mix of comedy and romance, than this one!

30 Rock
Talk about producing a TV production in a lighter vein - and here you have the show '30 Rock'! Viewers have received this comic backstage confusion and happenings very well and are full praise for Tina Fey, who portrays the character of Liz Lemon. Overall, this work-life comedy has worked well with all.

Romance, action, career, games or anything in life can be viewed as a comic situation and can be made into classic comedy TV shows like the ones mentioned here. This list may have missed out some other top shows; but clearly gives the right mix of real life scenarios that works well in the comedy genre.

Have a hearty laugh and Happy Viewing!

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