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LifePROTEKT is dedicated to bringing caregivers from the autism, Alzheimer and special needs community's solutions to help safeguard their loved ones. LifePROTEKT offers a platform for sharing information and introduction to the technology to help individuals keep their loved ones safe. LifePROTEKT has the greatest confidence in Amber Alert GPS devices and are pleased to be able to help make them available.
Amber Alert GPS was founded in 2007 by Russ Thornton, after his own 3-year-old son became lost in an amusement park for 45 minutes. The agonizing experience prompted him to develop a product that would enable him to find his child should he ever become lost again. Since that time many parents have followed his lead and are using his personal location based tracker to protect their children. Russ Thornton has certainly made an important contribution to society as this is amazing technology.
The Ambert Alert GPS 2G was launched in August, 2009. It has had great success. The Amber Alert GPS 2G is the world's smallest GPS devices. It is also one of the most powerful GPS devices available today. The Amber Alert GPS is simple to use. The caregiver or parent simply text or calls the device and in a matter of seconds they receive a detailed map of their loved ones location. The map is viewable on the computer or on a web-enabled phone.

Louis Giuffre, President of LifePROTEKT is quoted as saying, "We at LifePROTEKT are elated with our partnering with Amber Alert GPS. We believe in the quality of Amber Alert GPS products. The company's reputation is one of being well respected and exemplary. We want to also remind all those who purchase Amber Alert GPS through our affiliate program will be generating a donation to the autism and Alzheimer communities."
For further information about LifePROTEKT please visit All media enquiries should be directed to Ms. Carolyn Mullins at
About LifeProtekt LifePROTEKT is an unparalleled organization whose intent is to alleviate the burdens of those who are affected by Autism, Alzheimer's or other special needs. LifePROTEKT lends itself as an information source for caregivers in these populaces or any individual who wants to be better informed in order to make caring for these individuals easier. We assemble relative topics, solutions and technologies to best benefit these communities.

About LocationBasedGPS - is the #1 online retail outlet offering Location Based Personal Tracking Products to protect your family members. With over nine years of successful online community and commerce presence, we are able to bring the best Location Based GPS Personal Tracking Products, at the best prices in the industry as we offer a very easy and pleasant online shopping experience. We are also the first and ONLY retail website dedicated to providing the best Location Based Personal Tracking Products technology products to help the autism, Alzheimer's, and pet lover communities keep track of the whereabouts of their loved ones. Through our LifePROTEKT affiliation we do this by increasing public awareness about the day-to-day issues faced by people on the spectrum, advocating for appropriate services for individuals across the lifespan, and providing the latest information regarding treatment, education, research and advocacy.
About Amber Alert GPS - Amber Alert GPS was founded in 2007 by Russ Thornton, after his 3-year-old son went missing at an amusement park for 45 minutes. The experience inspired him to develop a product that would not only prevent such incidents from happening, but provide a quick resolution in the event a child did go missing

For further information about LifePROTEKT please visit All media enquiries should be directed to Ms.Carolyn Mullins.

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