Lifecell Skin Cream Effectively Prevent Damage by Sun – Part 1

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We all love bright sun shining in the sky, occasional basking and a quite sun bath around the swimming pool. Sure we do, but most of the times, sun rays are cause of major skin damage. Therefore it is important to understand the damage caused by the sun and ways to protect your skin from those damages. lifecell skin cream brings an overall guide to the sun damage and ways by which you can avoid the sun damage.

Quick Facts about the sun Radiations

We all know that sun rays have ultraviolet radiations but what most of us don’t know are the three categorizations of these radiations, viz UVC, UVB and UVA radiations. Out of the three only two, the UVB and the UVA radiations reach beyond the ozone layer. It is these two radiations which cause the maximum skin damage.

UVA Rays - are less known and are part of various studies, which have revealed a negative aspect of them. UVA rays have the capacity to penetrate deep into the skin, are much more constant and intense all the year round. This poses them to be a serious threat to the skin as they can even penetrate from the glass pane.

UVB Radiation - are found to be intense during the time of 10 am and 2 pm, reason being that the sun is the brightest at that point of time. These radiations usually affect the outer part of the epidermis causing sunburns and rashes. But the good thing is that they cannot penetrate inside the glass plane offering some respite from them.

UVC Radiations – they could have caused maximum damage, but the protective ozone layer absorbs it all and does not let them enter into the earth surface.

Visible Skin Damage by the sun

Sun can damage the skin both internally and externally. While the external damages are visible the internal ones remains aloof most of the time. The visible damage of the sun mostly include
Sun Burns and Tanning
Dark Spots
Wrinkles and lines
Premature Aging Signs

The visible damages do not influence skin aging as the internal damage does. They are instrumental in bringing out the premature signs of aging. More about the internal skin damage done by the sun will be explained in my next article.

How Lifecell Cream Prevents Sun Damage?
Lifecell Cream not only works as an effective anti aging and anti wrinkle cream but it is a complete skin care cream in itself. This simply means that Lifecell cream has the capability to protect the skin overall, even from the harmful sun radiations. Its multiple action ingredients work two ways, one by bringing improvement in the skin and second by healing the skin internally. Lifecell face cream brings noticeable change in form of reducing the dark spots, removing fine lines, removes puffiness and gives protection against the sun, like an effective sunscreen.

The authors of this article deals with the skin diseases and provide solution for various skin damage.In the present article he has elaborated the forms of UV rays.He is also explaining how lifecell wrinkle cream helps in preventing skin damage.

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