Lie cannot be defended

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It is very easy to be a liar but very tough to tell the truth or become a truthful person. This is a very common perception. People tend to speak more and more lie in his/ her day to day activity as the truth requires courage and conviction. Even people feel scared of speaking simple truth like what he ate in morning, or how much he got in a particular exam. Just due to some fear or due false sense of superiority.

The father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi in his autobiography “My experiments with Truth” he mentioned many truths of his life which one would always avoid to mention publicly. Gandhiji mentioned in his autobiography about his journey to South Africa during which he visited a Brothel at Madagascar where the ship was halted for some time. In another episode he mentioned with much grief and pain on the death of his father. He used to take care of his ailing father continuously; one night while he was with his wife, someone came and asked him to meet his father immediately as his father was breathing his last. Gandhiji refused and did not meet his father and ultimately his father expired. There are many incident though mentioned by the Gandhiji but we cannot dare to mention even personally before somebody forget about writing in a book.

Truth is reality but many time reality is stranger truth and truth may not be reality at all. So why get scared of speaking of truth? Because “WE” came to existence and we refrain ourselves from speaking truth as “WE” becomes more important than anything else in this world, this “WE” is nothing but our ego. Why we should show ourselves inferior to anybody? Take the example of Ravana who needs no introduction. His character was most strange one, why? A great scholar, intelligent and brave person with highest values in life, He waited for consent of Sita to marry him, kept Sita in a Women confinement far from his palace. His greatness can be judged on the basis of one episode when Ram instructed Lakshman to learn something from him. But his ego and false sense of superiority led to destruction of his entire clan. He always ignored the truth and true counsels. This ultimately led to his end. Truth is only sacred reality in human life. There is no need to worship a God, just follow truth as a God; there will be no problems in life.

So what we learn from Ramayana, be truthful and pure in life, be humble and respect everybody as you respect yourself. Because in our day to day life, we face similar situation, there is demon in all of us, a Ravana and he always take us to something which is not pure and true. He always lured us to follow his path, easiest and attractive. But, there is a pass, it is upto us to decide whom we want to follow and what we would like to be. Just ask your conscience how you want to spend your life now and at end of your life. What you want to be?

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