LG GD510 Pop vs. LG GM205 – Mid priced quality phones

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The LG GD510 Pop and the LG GM205 mobile phones are both priced for users an audience on a budget, but where the Pop is a fully functional touch phone, equipped with a 3 inch touch screen, the GM205, relies on old fashioned buttons for it usage, which makes the latter the mobile phone of choice for those seeking a simple phone, that can send and receive calls and text without all the bells and whistles.

Both, the LG GD510 Pop and the LG GM205 come equipped with a built in FM stereo radio, support Bluetooth and have a built in camera, but where the GM205 comes with a 2 megapixel camera, the Pop, comes with a camera that has a 3 Megapixel resolution. The LG GD510 Pop comes with a 3"display, while the LG GM205 comes with a much smaller screen with a size of merely 2.0". Both models support 2G, and of both phones the internal memory/storage can be expanded, but the Pop can be expanded up to 16 GB, while the GM205 only supports SD cards up to 2GB.

The LG GM205 comes equipped with a Li-Po 1100 mAh battery, supplying approximately 450 hours of standby time, and up to 8 hours of talk time, while the LG GD510 Pop comes with a Li-Ion 900 mAh battery, providing approximately 360 hours of standby time and up to 3 hours of talk time.

While overall the LG GM205 comes with more decent hardware in place, it is remarkable that LG has chosen for the design of a regular mobile phone, over the much smoother design of the LG GD510 Pop compared to models from other manufacturers in the same price range. However, both phones offer almost the same in functionality, and deciding on which one to choose, will come down to be strictly a matter of taste.

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