Lenovo T500 Windows 7 Reviewed

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I've been a loyal customer of Dell buying their laptops and workstations without too many questions. However, when I was in the market for a new business style laptop I was shocked to see how bad Dell was doing. The Latitude 6500 is just a bad laptop. It looks cheap and the assessments according to the website of Dell laptops are cheap in quality too. Since I work a lot on my laptop I can not afford much downtime due to bad hardware. I need something that is reliable and Dell just does not give me a warm feeling with their current line of business notebooks. So instead I ordered a Lenovo T500 laptop business.

The ordering process was a bit cumbersome if I wanted a laptop and Lenovo Lenovo Windows 7 is a bit slow in updating their website. But everything was in place I even found a 10% discount on top of a special Windows 7 rates and in the end I probably saved about $ 600 or more on the new laptop. The new laptop came six days after ordering it yet but the website has shown a 13 day delivery.

After unpacking the laptop the only thing missing was a restore media. Apparently they do not ship with the product and you have to order when ordering the laptop. However, the only option they had shown on the website when I ordered mine had a Windows XP restore disk. So, I must quickly review a bit.

The quality of the laptop is generally very good. I think there are still some problems with drivers and Windows 7 due to its very new I'll give them a little more drivers. The laptop is black and thankfully looks much better than a comparable Dell. The plastic is not as cheap as the Dell's and certainly not a fingerprint magnet like the Latitude series 6500. The screen quality of the Lenovo notebook is excellent. The keyboard is solid, and because I am typing a document I can say that it is of good quality. I'm still getting used to the location of some of the keys, but that's only a matter of time.

The battery life is approximately 3.5 hours for the Lenovo T500 laptop. I have some problems with the laptop while in sleep mode. There battery is slowly going down - I assume due to some LED lights on the outside. It's probably something simple, but since my laptop only for a few days I have not fully explored the issue yet.

My conclusion: I think the Lenovo T500 laptop and since I was able to compare it with a Dell Latitude 6500 in person that I am glad I bought the Lenovo laptop. It looks more professional and gives me a bigger bang for the dollar. There are some minor problems and I blame the driver support for Windows 7. I had similar problems with my Dell D820 when Windows Vista came out and the problems were quickly resolved with new drivers. I expect the same here. Dell will significantly improve their laptops to get me to reconsider my choice.
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