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There is no doubt about it, LED lighting is blowing up in a big way. Even the Rockefeller Center in New York is in on the artistic lighting possibilities of LEDs, showcasing an interactive art space where viewers are tracked by individual cameras as they move across the space. The measurements of viewers' movements are then translated into unique color and space patterns as the lights respond, employing 1,300 LED lights to create an ambient experience.

LED lights are everywhere now, and for good reason. They help the environment, save electricity, last longer than incandescent lights, and are much more easily programmed to do a variety of tasks. In fact, energy-saving LED lighting is up to 70% more efficient and often comes with 10 to 15 year warranties.

LED lights (known in the professional nerd community as light-emitting diodes) are employed in applications as diverse as replacements for aviation lighting, automotive lights, and even in traffic lights. The compact size of LEDs, their efficient bandwidth, switching speed, and extreme durability have allowed new text and video displays and sensors to be invented and used in superior communications technology. Infrared LEDs are also used in the remote controls for many electronics like televisions, DVD players, and other household appliances. Many of the LEDs made in the 1970s and 1980s are still in use today! The lifetime of a standard LED is, on average, 25,000 to 100,000 hours, but heat and current settings can extend or shorten this time significantly.

Lighting designers have finally embraced the new technology of LEDs, developing new forms of both indoor and outdoor lighting styles for the contemporary home or office. More traditional home decorators are often geared towards incandescent lights because of their historical presence in fixtures like chandeliers, pendants, wall sconces. But modern decorators are embracing the use of LED lights in designer fixtures, both because they are more practical than incandescent bulbs and also because of the curious irony of creating a "traditional" light fixture using a new, innovative medium. For example, LED technology has allowed Kenzan Tsutakawa-Chinn to design the contemporary light, Constellation Chandelier, which displays 364 three-millimeter LEDs attached to the tips of 91 copper tubes.

Affordable Lamps is certain not to be left out of the LED lighting world, making sure that we offer plenty of discounted LED light fixtures for the keen, environmentally-oriented fashionistas out there. The LED ceiling light options alone are staggering, featuring a wide variety of flush, semi-flush, and pendant lights that are subtly chic and energy saving, all in one.

A gorgeous new LED ceiling light from Kalco Lighting is a perfect blend of traditional semi-flush light design and modern LED technology. Made of iron but featuring 28 LED lights hidden within delicate crystals, Galaxy's dual canopies measure, in total, an impressive 64" in diameter and support intersecting metal rings which, in turn, support three gorgeous shades. And this contemporary ceiling light even comes in a dimmer model. If that's not the elements of technology complementing opulence, what is? (Product Page: http://www.affordablelamps.com/kal-6143.html)

But LED lights are even suitable for the most serene, simply functional home lighting decor. With certain energy efficiency requirements changing (for example, California's Title 24 energy saving measures), even non-commercial light buyers are looking into LED potential. The modest LED flush ceiling light from ET2 Lighting is the perfect answer to saving a little on your electric bill and still decorating your home in style. Measuring 6" in diameter (but available in larger and smaller sizes), Illuminaire is simple and clean with a satin nickel finish and a single 10.5 watt replaceable LED module, softened by a heavy spun frosted glass shade. (Product Page: http://www.affordablelamps.com/et-e53031-09.html)

LED lights are even suitable for outdoor lighting layouts and use far less electricity to illuminate the same space as an incandescent light. The Vintage Park deck light by Kichler Lighting is perfect for creating an ambient atmosphere outdoors, with its 19th Century charming details and textured Tannery Bronze finish. (Product Page: http://www.affordablelamps.com/kic-15750tzt.html)

So to sum things up, light-emitting diodes are the wave of the future: melding energy efficient lighting technology with creative, contemporary designs. And Affordable Lamps will be certain to be on the cutting edge of this movement offering new LED lighting possibilities every day.

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