Leather Repair in St. Louis

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Leather repair is a wonderful and often over looked solution for your leather furniture in your home or office! Leather furniture can begin to show its age through various issues over time, such as fading and color loss from daily use, dirt and grime penetrating into the pores of the leather, and other problems like rips, tears, snags, burns, seam splits and more.
Leather furniture is made to be strong and as sturdy as it is luxurious and durable. Over time the barriers placed during the process of making our leather furniture start to break down, and this is when problems arise. Before your leather furniture came to be the luxurious item that it is today, it started out as a complete and very large full hide. This hide was then dyed in a process called tanning. The tanning process is when the leather hides are soaked in large drums for weeks or even months to fully and thoroughly absorb the dye into a full, rich and even color. After the hide has finished tanning, they are then purchased and transformed into the leather goods that we all well know and love.

The tanning process adds not only vibrant color to the otherwise plain leather hide, it also adds layers of protection. These layers help to naturally form a protective seal over the pores that occur across the hide, because, after all, leather is skin. After the tanned hide is then made into your leather furniture or goods, it is sealed with another layer of added protection, a clear yet strong top coat. This helps hold the color fastness within your furniture as well as help keep out dirt and grime. Naturally these barriers break down as time wears on, but they ensure that you will get years of enjoyment from your leather.
But what happens when your leather becomes damaged in the mean time? Sure you haven't had it very long, it is still in pretty great condition, but sometimes accidents happen. The most common issue that occurs is color loss from varying reasons like fading and daily activity, and damages from pets, like cat claws scratching the edges of the sofa, or dogs digging for some hidden delicacy that is unbeknownst to us.

href="http://www.squidoo.com/crazy-cat-scratches-on-my-leather-furniture">Leather scratch repair is a wonderful and effective way to handle this issue, highly skilled leather technicians can wipe away years of scratches and scrapes in one quick appointment! href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1lr70j6t1N4">Leather scratch repair can manage pet scratches, scrapes from moving, rips in seat cushions, areas torn up from the family dog being mischievous, and more.
Perhaps there isn't any surface damage to the leather on your leather sofa. Maybe it is just faded from its position in the living room, getting all kinds of afternoon sun each and every day. Or the best seat in the house, you know the one that everyone vies for on movie night? Fading is a natural part of the leather life cycle and it is another easily remedied situation. Certified and highly skilled leather repair technicians are trained in a wide array of leather repairs that can handle any type of damage that can befall your leather furniture.
By using the same type of dyes utilized in the initial tanning process, we can now completely restore the look of your leather! In fact, the exact shade it once was can be matched and custom blended ON SITE to color restore your leather! Color restoration is a wonderful way to breathe fresh life into that couch that still feels amazing to sit in, but looks like it is beyond its prime. The technicians will air brush dye evenly over the entire surface of your leather furniture, totally revitalizing the entire couch to look like it just arrived off of the show room floor! Darkened lines and stains vanish in mere minutes, faded creases and armrests will shine like new, and the best seat in the house will not only still feel like it but will look like it too!
Leather repair and leather furniture restoration has never met anything like the leather repairs of the 21st century. Our teams can handle just about anything and the furniture will speak for itself. Well, it would if it could. But it will look incredible.
So the next time you are passing through your living room or home office, and are feeling like your leather is looking a little sub-par, don't think about replacing that expensive leather furniture! Check out href="http://www.stlouisleatherrepair.com">leather repair and leather restoration. Every situation is unique, and every solution is custom tailored to your personal needs. And if it's leather, you bet that we can make it better.

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