Learning How to Make Inexpensive Wall Art

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To bring the walls back to life, you have to learn as to how to make inexpensive wall art and ensure that the wall art and décor you have incorporated into your home looks attention-grabbing.


1. Getting away from the spendthrift mode, you have to think of something that would not only enliven the walls of your home but would make them appear to be catchy as well while you save those big bucks that you usually spend. You have to make sure that the wall art and décor has to be good enough that their very sight makes the visitor spell-bound. The best way to how to make an inexpensive wall art is to use a giant color print of some nice scene of beach or sunset or nature on the wall of your room while you go as economical as you possibly can.

2. The very first thing that you would need to do is to find a piece of art where the digital image of the picture is highly resolved and it would not give an absolute pixilated appearance as soon as you blow it up to the scale. For this, you can use the Flickr search and boil down to the best one. Remember, the image has to be good enough to be lived with and you have to make sure that it is worth living with.

3. As soon as you have made up your mind that which picture you would be using to decorate your wall with, the next step is to crop it up. For this purpose photoshop comes out to be the perfect. Hence, you will have to print up the panels of the image on the 8.5X11” paper, thus, the very next thing that comes after this is to do the appropriate sizing of the image. Hence, you have to first use the image> image size option for scaling it. Thereafter, uncheck the Resample Image and adjust the width to the aimed width of the required final print. This would tell you the resolution of the image that you have with you.

4. Thereafter, grid the image out, and start slicing it up. Notwithstanding, what is the size of the individual panel, make a box of selection that is precisely of its size and place it in the upper-left corner. Ensure that beneath the View menu both the Snap and Rulers are checked. Now, all you have to do is pull the guides from scales to the boundary of the selection box. This stands to be a little difficult, but till the time you have enabled the snap settings, it is not that tedious- drag a scale and thereafter drag the box, next drag the new scale etc. Do this, till the time you have grid out the whole image.

5. Print the images thereafter. Use the online print tool if possible but there is no convenient method of adding a bunch of the pictures in a single step. Print them on a standard printing paper and trim the white strips off so that the sides do not bleed.

6. Next, hang it all. This stands to be the most time-consuming and painstaking part of the entire process. Plus, getting it right would mean that you will have to space them appropriately. Basically a space of two inches would come out to be perfect amongst the images. And you have not got the best wall art in place.

Tips and Warning

1. Make sure that you get yourself stuck with the rules concerning the scale. Make a small room appear bigger by selecting oversized pieces of images.
2. Let your wall art go further by cropping prints into thirds and framing them into a series.

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