Learn to Read Articles: Telltale Signs That Your Kid Has a Learning Disability

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When children are still developing their reading skills, a lot of parents get worried that their child might have a learning disability. Most parents go by the wrong idea that when kids do not learn to read fast enough, he automatically has a reading disorder. We’re here to tell you today to not make that error. The ability to learn how to read is not the one single factor in learning disabilities. Your child may have a learning disability but in may be exhibited in a number of ways. This article is an attempt to educate parents about the basic signs of kids with learning disabilities that are not limited in how fast they learn to read!

1. Children who suffer from learning disabilities do not equate to having Iow Qs. In fact, these childrenwill show that they have the knowledge inside their heads, but the problem is that they may have trouble expressing it. What are examples of difficulty in expression? For example, when you ask the child a question, he can easily answer but when you ask him or her to write the answer down, then he exhibits difficulty in doing so, even if he has already learned the article. Difficulties like these are what to look out first in learning disabilities.

2. If your child is learning how to read, and can recite the alphabet without difficulty, but find it hard to say particular letters when pointed out, you can suspect a learning disability. It is the same case if he can count from 1 to 100 confidently, but have difficulty writing these numbers down on paper.

3. Another telltale sign for dyslexia is your child inverting the spelling or words or the letters more often than not. For example, a dyslexic child may constantly commit the mistake of writing the small b as a d and vice versa. When you ask him to spell the word “dog”, your child may spell out “God” instead. If you have noticed constant mistakes like this then it may be best to get your child tested.

We hope that these simple signs have educated you regarding children’s learning abilities. Remember that every child has difficulty mastering simple skills at first, so it is also important to give them time to master the skill before you start suspecting any disability. If you notice that a significant time has passed and you still feel that they are not getting it, then we encourage you to see an expert about the matter.

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