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Make up is the art of looking beautiful and great. It is something that could completely change you from simple to glamorous look. It adds charm to your personality and gives wonderful feeling of looking good. Makeup helps us in highlighting and projecting our best sides whether it is flawless skin or not.

Perfect make up boosts your confidence level. So learn about make up lessons immensely. Once prompted and prodded in the right direction, women who have somehow gotten excited over makeup tend to get too excited. There are still the practicalities to think about. And before you start scowling at getting all worked up then being asked to slow down, plan your makeup kit before rushing in and buying everything that looks too nice to pass up that will save you a lot of money and disappointment.

Before buying make sure that you do a skin test for the brands that you are eyeing. It just would not do for you to buy their entire line only to find out that you will break out into rashes within few minutes of applying their products on. Go to the makeup counters, and apply a bit of what you plan to purchase on the inside of your wrist, or the inner part of your upper arm, and on the underside of your jaw as these are sensitive areas. If ever you would expect to see some reaction, it would be seen from these locations.

The basics of make up lessons include the application of foundation, concealer, eye shadows and several other things on the face. The tools available with the make up kit help in applying the make up on the face. So, in the basics you have to learn about the types of the brushes and the functions of it.

There are so many kinds of brushes like concealer brush, foundation brush, blush brush, powder brush and three eye size colour brush. At first, you will be overwhelmed at the sheer number of brushes, but as you learn to apply makeup and start experimenting, you will appreciate the precision and accuracy by which you can wield these tools. These brushes need not be expensive. Just opt for the ones made of sable or sturdy synthetic materials. Examine the handles well whether they can be easily gripped or not.

The first in make up lessons are to have your cake, cream, or liquid foundation at hand, as well as the necessary tools such as wedges, sponges or liquid foundation brush needed to apply it. As a rule one get only a small amount of product. It would be better to add on as needed rather than attempt to smudge a fraction of the product off when you realize that you have overestimated. Start applying over the forehead, then the eyes, under the eyes, the cheeks, the chin area, and then the undersides of the jaw and gently around the neckline. It simply would not look good if your face is a different colour than your neck, after all. Whether through the use of a brush or sponge, apply gently and in light, circular motions. This will settle in the product well, and will ensure that you should cover all area very well.

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