Learn How To Identify Effective Acne Treatments For Dry Skin

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When you are the one dealing with acne, regardless what acne type you fight with and what skin type you were endowed with, you definitely see it as the worst possible combination. However, researchers all over the world seem to agree that finding acne treatments to work without complications for dry skin is one of the biggest challenges.

You probably already knew that this skin condition manifests through skin pores clogged with dead skin cells and sebum, which will evolve into more painful forms of lesions when left untreated. So now you are probably wondering yourself how comes that an epidermis that lacks the natural oils has its pores clogged. The explanation is that a dried skin is also flaky, which means that its cells will die and fall off more than normally. If it does not have enough natural oils it does not mean it has no sebum at all, and that natural skin moisturizer, as little as it is, combined with the excess of skin debris, sets the premises for pimples.

Just like with oily skin, the cleanser must be a gentle one because you want to remove dirt without putting too much pressure and causing local irritations. Do not worry, you will find such products particularly designed for dry skin at ease. Your problem however would be to identify the real cause of the problem.

Some simply have a natural dried epidermis while others did something wrong at some point, most likely with certain body care products containing too many chemicals. Talking with a doctor about your situation is the safest way, yet if you want to take the problem in your own hands, besides keeping the skin clean in order to avoid new breakouts, moisturizing it is also crucial.

And at this point you may be facing the risk of choosing an oily moisturizer, hoping it will solve your natural oilís skin problem. The thing is that you must rely on water based brands, because oily ones can contain comedogenic ingredients that will help pimples form.

So focus instead on tea tree oil, which is the central piece for many over the counter acne treatments. Alternatively, you can buy pure oil and have it diluted with other effective ingredients used in the field of homemade acne cures, like aloe Vera or just honey. Dabbing the pimples with a mixture from this oil and aloe Vera for example can help you a lot.

Avoiding prolonged sun exposure, using as little hair sprays as you can, giving up on alcohol based skin care products and putting cosmetics aside for a while may also help your skin overcome the problem much easier.

Learn to do research on the acne treatments you are about to choose, get familiarized with the nature of their most popular ingredients and stay away from the comedogenic ones. Focus on creams or lotions because of their greasy texture that can somehow ease your pain and while you keep applying moisturizer from the outside, do not forget to hydrate yourself properly on the inside too. Drink water, eat fruits and vegetables and never lose your hope. Just like you needed time to bring your skin in this situation, you are going to need at least as much time to fix things.

Your acne treatments should all be focusing on cleaning, moisturizing and toning on a regular base. Obviously, you will need certain effective acne treatments as well, and if benzoyl peroxide is the name you most often heard so far, unfortunately, this one is not for dry skin.

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