Learn How Photo Repairs Can Help Recapture the Past

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People take pictures to preserve the memories of a moment in time. Whether it is photos of a wedding, or a baby's first birthday, the picture allows you to see what was happening, and allows those that were there to relive that time. Unfortunately, over time the quality of the picture fades. Unless the photo was carefully stored in an album it is possible that the photo has tears or cracks in the surface that mar the image. The good news is that photo repair is not only possible, you can actually make image enhancements if you so desire.

Modern digital photography allows photo repair specialists to apply photo restoration techniques that can bring your pictures back to nearly their original condition. In some cases it is even possible to exceed the quality of the original photograph. If the original photo was not in complete focus or the edges are slightly blurred, it is possible to sharpen the edges to make it appear more in focus.

If you have a photo that you are not happy with because of a blemish, you could send your picture to a photo repair specialist and have the blemish removed. If someone in the photo had their eyes closed or were making silly hand gestures, those problems could be fixed as well

Many older photos were shot before colour photography was within the budget of average people. Although the technology might have been available, most people opted for black and white film because it was far less expensive. With today's technology, one of the image enhancements that is available is the ability to convert black and white to colour photos.

Another image enhancement that is available is the ability to take two separate photographs and make a single composite picture. This is done by taking a portion of one photo, and combining it with a portion of a second photo. You can have a collage of different images, or you can place an image against a different background. You could even take a picture of two people and make it appear that they were together when the photo was taken.

Another enhancement that you might want to consider with your photos is to have them enlarged. In the past enlarging a photo could result in a noticeable loss in the quality of the photo. Now, however providing the original photo is scanned at 300 DPI (dots per inch) or more, it is possible to have your smaller photos enlarged enough to be framed and hung over the mantle if you wanted. The photo you would get looks like it could be an original print.

Photo repairs can completely refresh old and worn pictures. If you have a collection of pictures that no longer provide the impact they had originally consider photo restoration.

Having photo repair work done on faded or damaged photos is a great way to help preserve those precious memories. Photo restoration techniques can help even badly damaged photos. Everything from having photos converted from black and white to colour, to getting image enhancements, your photos could be made as good as new, or maybe even better.

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