Learn and Have Fun with the American Girl Doll Collection

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The American Doll Collection has its roots in Mrs. Pleasant T. Rowland's disappointing Christmas shopping experience in 1984. Either the available dolls depicted infants, or they were too grown-up-suitable only for maturing teenagers. The current American Doll Collection reflects the lifestyle and emotional needs of the 8-to-12 year old audience. This idea went against convention. Not since the creation of the Barbie Doll by Ruth Handler had a new concept been tried.

The American Doll Collection

The American Doll Collection is meant to be both fun and educational. It also changed how dolls are treated worldwide. The line of dolls emphasizes girlhood in America through its in-depth treatment of Samantha Parkington, Josefina Montoya and Kirsten Larsen. As children learn about their clothes and other accessories, they also learn about American society.

The First Line of American Dolls

In 1986 the world was introduced to the first edition of the American Girl dolls of the Pleasant Company. These included Kirsten Larsen, Samantha Parkington, and Molly McIntire.

These 9 year old characters correspond to significant periods in American history. To combine fun and learning, The Pleasant Company designed clothes and accessories specific to each doll character, teaching the lifestyle and facts of each period in American history.

Samantha Parkington (also known as Samantha American Girl Doll or American Girl Samantha) is one of the most popular dolls produced by the Pleasant Company. Samantha is a 20th century girl living a life of luxury. Girls who own the Samantha American Girl doll can buy a whole range of clothes and accessories hat mirror their own desires. The catalog includes storybooks, and hundreds of outfits, including specific sets hats, chairs, beds, and even--horses.

Dress up your American Doll Collection

Most of the items in the American Doll Collection are designed to fit a character's social class in a particular period. But the Pleasant Company also produced general outfits and accessories to fit any doll's character. These include swimsuits, hats or beach chairs. There were even jewelry and party slippers.

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