Learn About the LG Digital Multimedia Side By Side Fridge Freezer

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If you are ready to change up your entire kitchen just by adding one appliance, look no further than the LG Digital Multimedia side by side fridge freezer. If you have ever wanted to combine your computer, mp3 player, fridge, you will probably be interested in this functional gadget. It gets full Internet access, which means that you can watch streaming videos, download songs, and check your email without leaving the kitchen. Find out more about this practical yet fun fridge from LG.

Like most modern refrigerators, this type of fridge has the typical water dispenser and ice maker, as well as temperature control knobs so that you have some power over how cold it stays. As an LG fridge, it features the Multi-Airflow Cooling System, which prevents hot spots in the appliance so that food stays fresh longer. However, this is where the features stop being average, and venture into new and unique.

For example, the most obvious departure from average is the LCD screen on the front of the fridge, which is about 15 inches and can be both tilted and pulled out of the fridge for better access to the features. You can change the screen saver so that there is always a particular picture on the screen when it is not being used, so consider uploading a photo of your family, or a picture that matches the theme of your home. Some of the most basic features of the computer on this side by side fridge freezer include a calendar, address book, recipe book, and weather updates. You can even get nutritional facts on your favorite food, allowing you to stay healthy quite easily. Additionally, you can use the computer to record the date you bought food so that you can be alerted to when it is considered old or expired.

Of course, you can also just use the computer to browse the Internet or check email. More specifically, you can listen to the radio on the Internet, or download songs and use the built-in speakers to hear music as you cook or eat. There is even a built-in camera that also has video and microphone capability, allowing you to send photos and videos via email of your family at dinner time. Finally, a tuner allows you to watch some television on the screen, which means that you do not even have to leave the kitchen to get some entertainment while you eat.

It should be easy to see how this new side by side fridge freezer can make you excited to cook or just spend time in the kitchen. You may end up forgetting about the rooms that your actual television and computer are located in, since this fridge provides so many options. Of course, you can expect a high price tag with it, at least until similar products come on the market to compete with it. Until then, consider whether you will need this type of practical yet fun gadget at some point.

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