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How are the telecommunication leaders in Australia holding on regarding latest Telstra news? Read more on how the telecommunication market plans to progress and reforms.

Despite the latest Telstra news indicating negative trends on the share market, the Australian Telecommunications industry is holding fine. Since 2000 it has been on the upward route with handsome revenues growing throughout the past years.
The negative reactions on the share market were result of the Telstra news regarding the telecommunications reforms imposed by the Australian government which are particularly concerning Telstra as the biggest telecommunications player in the country. If you would like to invest in Telstra shares, but you are concerned about the latest Telstra news and worried about the effects the reforms will take on the company, you may as well wait with the purchase and see the outcome.
As stated in Telstra news, the reforms will be addressing those problems that the company has been facing and would include the high level of the company's integration in order to promote greater competition in the telecommunications field. The reforms will also include streamline quality, strengthening of the consumer safeguards, ensuring high level of a service standard and removing of the inefficient and redundant regulatory red-tape. The competition regime will be simplified so it delivers much quicker and certain outcomes.

The immediate result of this Telstra news was falling of the company's shares' prices to a more realistic level. The reforms announced by the government will address the telecommunications market's structure, while providing Telstra with the needed flexibility to decide its future path. With these reforms, government is certain that it will achieve a positive outcome in everyone's interest, of Telstra shareholders, the company itself and all Australians in general.
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