Lead Generation – The Phruit Way

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Do you own a business? Are you in need of new customers for business expansion? If the answer to these questions is yes, then you must know about lead generation service offered by call centres and BPO firms for adding new customers to your list of existing customers.

With the right lead generation procedure, a company can gain customers and also maintain its present list of customers. It is better to hire the services of a company for lead generation rather than having your own setup; your own setup means extra costs of hiring employees and salary expenditure, as well as providing the lead generation team other benefits.

Opt for Phruit’s lead generation service

There are several companies offering lead generation services, and one reputed name among them is Phruit Ltd. Phruit is an industry leader in providing lead generation services for businesses across the UK. The company takes pride in functioning through numerous marketing channels, this implies high quality business and consumer leads can be generated from several industry sources.

Lead generation is done after collecting consumer data on the client’s behalf. The methods for collecting information on customers include conducting telephone surveys, focus groups, in-street questionnaires, online surveys as well as data analysis.

For the right approach to lead generation, Phruit Ltd conducts telephone market research surveys every day, and maintains a target of completing a minimum of 30,000 opted-in surveys every week. If you have hired the lead generation services of Phruit, you can expect the company to design campaigns having one to many questions, which are targeted at specific demographics for ensuring the use of campaign funds in the most effective manner.

What else makes Phruit special?

Phruit gives special emphasis to the quality of their telephone consumer surveys, because they know how important this is to their clients. Every call is recorded and then reviewed for ensuring a superior level call centre performance. Every client of Phruit trusts it and knows that the company will produce very high quality, consistent, and detailed consumer as well as business leads so that the direct marketing and telesales departments may conduct their campaigns with great efficiency. Phruit does its best to live up to the expectations of its clients.

It will also interest you to know that Phruit’s database of customers is growing at a fast rate of about 200,000 records every month. No matter what the profile of your target market is, the company can provide you with a demographic data that will increase the marketing campaigns success rate.

The company also has a unique Risk-and-Reward model, which enables clients to pay for only the positive business and consumer leads that Phruit passes its clients. If you have made up your mind to use the services of Phruit for lead generation, you are wise. Several market leaders of many industries in the UK benefit from the company’s superior quality consumer leads which include Cancer Research UK, Thomas Sanderson, Vodafone, and Aviva.

Phruit Limited is a renowned company offering call centre services, lead generation services and other services to promote its client’s business. It incorporates cost effective methods and provides high quality work.

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