LCD TV Reviews - Read twice before you leap

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People are quite intimidated by LCD TVs simply because there is a lot of
technical stuff in there. People don't know what terms like dejudder
processing mean and hence they quickly lose interest in TVs. I too faced
similar problems but as a complete tech freak, I spent a lot of time on the
Internet researching about these terms. Writing LCD TV reviews is a cup of
tea for me now and now there are lots of TVs ending up in my labs for
review. My popularity has gradually grown on the Internet and now people
send me tons of e-mails asking about technical TV stuff. I am trying to make
things a bit simple here by telling you guys how I write the reviews.

Styling: If you are crazy about fashion, this will be the most important
part for you in LCD TV Reviews. Most TV's have the same looks but there are
experiments being done here (like Sony's Monolithic design) in order to make
the TV look out of the box. I have not had any ugly looking TVs in my labs;
most of the panels have black border with a sheet of glass in the middle. I

have separate section for the design in my LCD TV Reviews since I get a lot
of e-mails asking me about it.

Size: This is directly proportional to the cost. Higher the size, higher the
cost. While writing LCD TV Reviews,I pay special attention to the features
offered on the smaller TVs of 32-34 inch sizes. I don't expect them to have
full HD resolution but things are getting interesting for this size range;
there are new features being added here at the moment. Once you go above the
46 inch mark, I don't recommend buying a LCD; as plasma is a much better

Remote: This is the medium of communication between you and your TV. The
clicker has to be comfortable; the button layout must be good. The buttons
that you need the most must come close to the thumb's natural position. The
remote design occupies a big part in my LCD TV reviews and it is really
important. A clicker must be comfortable or else it will ruin the TV

Menu layout: While writing LCD TV Reviews, I have seen some really horrible

menu layouts and they are quite frustrating. You some times feel that you
are solving a crossword puzzle. The menu layout has to be good, all the
functions that you need the most must be easily accessible. The features
which are rarely used can be dug deeper in the menu. You might feel this is
not important now but once you buy a TV with a bad menu layout, it will
certainly get on your nerves.

Interactive platform: This is a relatively new feature for TVs and has
quickly become popular amongst the masses. You can access the Internet
content right from your TV and also stream movies through the Web. In my LCD
TV Reviews, I mention what all interactive features are present in the TV.
If you have the ones that you need, go ahead and buy the TV or else keep
looking elsewhere.
Connection options: This is not that important in LCD TV Reviews but still
worth a mention. In big TVs, the connection options are pretty much similar
but in small TVs there is no fixed layout. For instance, there might be one
HDMI port in one 32 inch TV and it might not be there in the other one.

Finally, I write about the picture quality in my LCD TV Reviews and this
section is the biggest part of my article. Picture quality determines
whether the panel is worth buying or not.

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