Latter Day Genealogy - Tracing Your Family Lineage

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Genealogy can be a real challenge. It can be equally as fascinating as it can be frustrating, as we try to do the seemingly impossible and trace our lineage and information about our family back as far as we possibly can. We have an innate thirst for knowledge and simply want to know everything that we can about our ancestors. It's hardly surprising that some people become somewhat addicted to this task and are prepared to do almost everything that it takes to find out the information. To them, the "brick wall" that is often encountered is merely a hindrance and no more than a setback.

Most of us are amateur genealogists, but it's gratifying to know that there are professionals around who can help us dig for the information if we need them. Sometimes we do need assistance to go through all those different records, artifacts and to delve through so many different books and records.

Did you know that one of the most accurate sources of record keeping, as far as genealogy is concerned, is the Family History Library of the Mormon Church? It is said that this is the most extensive database of information available when it comes to tracing your family lineage.

If you're looking for latter day genealogy artifacts, you could be headed to the main library of the LDS in Salt Lake City. There you will find more than 300,000 books, 400,000 microfiche records and up to 2 million rolls of microfilm. What an amazing collection of historical data, gleaned from manuscripts, periodicals and other sources from all over the world. As ordered by the church, these extensive genealogy records were established to help satisfy religious needs. The prophet Elijah commanded that the family unit should be cemented together as one and formal records were necessary.

Most people believe that the puzzle of genealogy and the latter day saints are inexorably linked, due to the efforts by the church to provide this information. Staff members at the facility are only too happy to help you with your research and you can gain access to computerized family search resources. Here you will find information from county, local and state archives and U.S. Census records going back to 1790.

If you're looking for a complete genealogy database, the Ancestral File is unsurpassed. As individual genealogists have completed their work over the decades, they have contributed information to the file and while the information is not verified, it can definitely be a starting point for your efforts.

You should piece through the Family Registry to see where other individuals or organizations may have crossed into your area of interest. After all, as people scour in many different directions at once, it's quite possible that various pieces of information will have been revealed that could, while not being of direct interest to them, be able to help you get past a stumbling block or two of your own.

A number of different local branches are associated with the main facility and you can start your research there without making the trip to Utah. Once you have finished your local research, you may well find the trip to Salt Lake City to be a fascinating journey for you, as you chase after some of the more interesting parts of your family history.


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