LaTonya Blige – Spirited & Self-Assured Sister

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“My sister, Mary, and I have always been fascinated with music. Something great did come from what was learned and adored growing up. That is the queen of hip hop & soul my sister “ MARY J BLIGE”.

I started in the music business as a background singer and writer for Mary, then I began assisting her with her everyday needs and learning from her managers just watching, listening, and at times suggesting things. Then my sister asked me to come aboard & co-manage with her managers, who were on board at that time. That part of the music world was very different from singing and writing songs.

I did and I am still learning a lot in this music business. I want to let everyone know how my sister opened up doors for her family; and I really thank her for changing our lives. Now I am on the side of the business where I will get to see, feel and do what I always love doing. I will be writing & singing my own songs and someone else will be handling most of my business. The singing part of the business is a lot of work and dedication. I am a person who enjoy listening to all kinds of music and I will like to work and write with a lot of different writers. I have written and co- produced songs on a couple of albums for Mary. I have also written & co- written songs for Faith Evans and Mariah Carey’s former female group, “Allure” I also written for producer “Chucky Thompson” artist “Frankie”.

I don’t feel this gift will ever leave me. It is in my heart & spirit. Now is the time for me to share it with the world.”


Many celebs help their siblings by bringing them on board to help them to achieve their own success. Some may say this is also true of Mary J and her sister LaTonya, and after spending a wonderful breakfast with her a few weeks ago, I learned that this sister is exceedingly bright, classy, soulful and passionate.

Cocoa Cure: Tell us what kinds of things you’ve done in your career and which direction you’re leading into.

LaTonya Blige: Music-wise with my sister, I did background for her. With every manager that she would bring along she would ask that I co-manage, so I had to learn that. I didn’t know anything about [it]. I learned from a couple of great people. I was very eager to learn because I love the business part of it. Because of my sister I started my own publishing company. My family was brand new. I had just started my family, I was married, it was very hard traveling with her. My husband was very helpful. He knew us before stuff started happening. But you know, he wanted his wife home, and I wanted to be home with my husband and my kids, but I needed to work because these were the things that made our lifestyle and our life move. I’m moving into doing more my own thing, things I wanna do for me. Actually, this album – I wanted it to be for me, but I wanted to have other gospel artists . I wanted to do the writing and producing part of it, and I wanted to have different gospel artists perform the songs.

I’m not changing who I am, just changing some things in my life.

CC: You are sister to the Queen of Hip-Hop/R&B. Mary is an icon to her fans. Other than she being your sister, who is she to you? What type of inspiration has she been in your life?

LB: I like all my sister’s music. I always liked her style. You know, we grew up in music. My father’s a musician, and he always had us singing and doing something. And I knew she would always do something, either with hair or music (laughs).

CC: Do you feel a similar responsibility to reach out and touch peoples’ lives in such an impactful way?

LB: I don’t feel like it’s my obligation, but I feel like anybody who puts music out there – music is the tool, music makes people happy, sad, it helps them in their life so I feel like if you say something in your music you should use it in a good way. It should have something positive in there. It could just be two words.

CC: What has been your biggest challenge to overcome?

LB: The biggest challenge is just trying to keep the family together. That’s really important. The devil is really working on families.

CC: Have you ever thought about writing a book?

LB: It’s funny you say that. I journal. I’ve been keeping a diary since I was twelve years old and I’m forty years old. So eventually those journals will turn into books.

CC: What or who empowers you?

LB: Strong women, no matter what color. Strong families empower me. Communication’s the key to strong families.

CC: Was it a long journey to get to this awareness and wisdom?

LB: It’s a lot of work. But I’m happy with me. I’m happy with the woman I’m becoming.

CC: Who were you before?

LB: I was just somebody trying to do the right thing. her family and friends. I was in the learning process of things. I don’t like nonsense. If I didn’t like something I would just shut down, but you have to deal with things to understand why these things are happening.

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