Latest Trends in Cosmetic Packaging

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The cosmetic packaging industry is constantly evolving as it tries to keep pace with new innovations, market demands and customer demands.

Globalization has resulted in new players entering the cosmetic market scene leading to increased competition. This made survival in the new global business market difficult and arduous. The firm grip enjoyed by the cosmetic manufacturers in the market started waning as customers’ preferences began dominating the cosmetic market and setting the trends in the cosmetic and cosmetic packaging arena. And as the years pass, the preferences and choices of customers continue to change, thus bringing about changes in cosmetic packaging trends as well. The following are the latest trends in cosmetic packaging; these preferences can give cosmetics manufacturers and the cosmetic packaging manufacturers a good understanding of what works and what does not.

Portability On-the-go customers prefer portability more than anything else. Portable says on-the-go which consumers always strive for because it is easy and convenient for them.

Performance Customers prefer packages that are durable and strong enough to protect products from spoiling, leaking, opening or breaking even in adverse conditions.

Cocooning Cocooning is a trend that became popular during the economic slump. People have stopped spending money on treatments that could be easily done at home. Customers prefer spa inspired packaging that reminds them of professional pampering treatments. Packages that are curvier and rounder are preferred as it brings home the feeling of a luxurious spa experience.

Functionality Multi-functional packaging is another trend that is fast catching on among consumers. The greatest advantage of this type of packaging is that it offers value and saves time as well as space. For instance, a multifunctional lip and eye make-up container is a fad among those who travel often.

Personality Another major trend is packaging that allows personalization. Consumers prefer packages that allow them to blend the contents easily and make something that suits their product development goals.

Clear Packaging Clear packaging saves considerable time for consumers as it allows them to better see the shade and color without opening the package. They also feel more comfortable when they can see what the product is i.e. size, color, etc.

Eco-friendly Today consumers have become increasingly conscious not only about their looks but also about their environment. Hence, eco-friendly cosmetic packaging is greatly in demand.

Convenience Customers mostly prefer packages that are easy to use. Pump closures,
airless pump sprays and so on are preferred because they take less time to dispense lotions and creams. Moreover, these kinds of packages are non-messy, convenient and facilitate easier application.

Visually Appealing Packages with visually appealing designs and colors are another major trend in cosmetic packaging.

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