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Kim Kardashian can’t seem to make up her mind about her naked photos. First she will pose naked, then cry on TV calling them porn shots, and finally say that she likes them. It has been the same, be it the photos she posed for Playboy or the ones she has done for W magazine. Soon after the photos appeared on W magazine she cried fowl calling them “full-on porn”. Then a few days later she says she likes those photos. She even went to the extent calling W magazine iconic. That is what she called Playboy magazine when she said that she loved the naked photos that appeared in that magazine.

Kim Kardashian seemed to be involved in Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubrey custody battle. It seems that Gabriel Aubrey dated Kim publicly only because Halle hates Kim. Even though the dating period was only for a few weeks, Halle seems to be in no mood to let go of the fact that they dated in the first place. According to sources near to Halle, she is very upset that a person such as Kim would have a place in her daughter’s life. Halle doesn’t care who Gabriel Aubrey is dating at the moment as she has started dating too, but she doesn’t like the thought that the cameras focusing on Kim will also focus on her daughter.

Kim Kardashian seems to be on the radar of anyone who wants to take a swing. Sir Elton John has said who the f*** is the Kim K?, when he was asked to comment on her by word magazine. He then went on to criticize British pop music saying it was the worst and anyone could have made it.

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