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The almost government shutdown had been hogging the news, but you might have found more news on other important current political stories and faster on Influentials Network.
If you want to know what's happening in US Politics and current political news, then Influentials Network will tell you - at least the ten most important at that time. It's an automated news tracking and filtering service, known in the trade as a "news aggregator". It provides headlines, social media and news links updated every few minutes.
The founder and publisher, Terry Lee, says it's all done in software with some human interference and oversight.
Sites like Google which follows links and assesses content can be embarrassingly slow in its broad coverage and takes a long time to develop, so Google News can run hours or even a day behind a site like Influentials Network. This is fine for casual consumers, but if youíre a latest political news junkie - or a legislative aide, work in public affairs, or a lobbyist - it's hopeless.

Some complain that there are two major problems with Influentials Network: it doesn't cover many topics, and it doesnít cover much of the world.
So far, Influentials Network only covers political and politics news. And the sites mainly cover the national and local US political news. But if youíre interested in current political news from Europe or Japan, Africa, etc., itís the wrong place to go.

Fortunately, a lot of news today is of global interest and a tool like Influentials Network would be welcomed around the globe. Influentials Networks does have plans to address at least one of those complaints. Leveraging its unique set of aggregation algorithmic codes, Influentials Network will be able to develop local content sites within its existing platform that will allow it to duplicate its formula to create and publish international sites beginning with Europe, Japan, and South Africa starting in fall 2011.

For now, Influential's Network is concentrating is perfecting its technology and establishing its brands in the US political news space. It hopes to become to go-to site for the non-political news consumer, who needs a politics cliff notes before heading into a meeting or to impress a date, to the political insiders who want the latest trending political news in real time. The DC-based startup thinks it can meet the needs and desires of the entire range of political news consumers by doing what it does best - finding and filtering the most Latest political news before everyone else.

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